Article: Best Employer 2.0, SCOPE International Pvt. Ltd.

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Best Employer 2.0, SCOPE International Pvt. Ltd.

The company works through Strategic People Agenda (SPA), that facilitates the process to achieving business goals
Best Employer 2.0, SCOPE International Pvt. Ltd.

Scope International Pvt. Ltd., Industry: IT & IteS, Year of Incorporation in India: 2001, Total number of Employees: 9,451, HQ City: Chennai


Each business derives its Strategic People Agenda (SPA) at the beginning of the year, incorporating key people initiatives and interventions tied to achieving business goals


Scope International is the largest of the three captive hubs for Standard Chartered Bank. Amongst others, the key ones that have helped the company to be in the Best Employers’ List continuously are

a) Creating and nurturing a High performance work culture – The performance management processes and reward and recognition programs are aligned to creating and sustaining high performance. They are transparent, fair and driven by a principle based approach. Empowerment of Line Managers in making performance and reward decisions within the organizational framework is a key enabler. ‘Pay for Performance’ (P4P), seeks to steer staff toward greater performance objectives and raise their bar on excellence.

b) Focus on continued Employee Engagement – A structured approach to employee engagement with the Line Manager as the pivot and other enablers has helped us to create and sustain high levels of employee engagement

c) Career management – being a global organization helps us to provide our employees with diverse career opportunities. In all business units there is a structured approach to career management with tailor made development interventions.

**d) Becoming a “Helping organization’ – a holistic approach to employee well-being covering various aspects in the physical and emotional domain with a suite of programs viz. SHAPE (Scope Health Awareness Programme for Employees) – a customized health awareness initiative; Employee Assistance program (EAP), Healthcare, Alternate Workplace strategy (AWS).

Each business derives its Strategic People Agenda (SPA) at the beginning of the year. The SPA incorporates key people initiatives and interventions tied to achieving business goals. As an example, the business goal of ‘Improving service levels and revenues by 15 per cent” in the Global Customer care unit will lead to identifying key HR levers – attrition management, strategic hiring, learning and defining specific objectives with metrics which will in turn find its way into the SPA.

The process of framing the SPA is an inclusive exercise with inputs from all key stakeholder groups. The progress is tracked in the ‘People Forum’ which is a monthly activity with the senior leadership team in every business unit. The SPA remains the directional document for all people related matters and wherever significant changes occur during the course of the year due to internal reasons or external market conditions, the SPA is suitably modified.

The cascading of goals is a top down approach in Scope.

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