Article: Help your employees become stable-minded

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Help your employees become stable-minded

R.S. Sodhi, MD at Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), on Brand Amul, Dr Verghese Kurien and more
Help your employees become stable-minded

You get respect or recognition not because of your designation or college degree but because you performed well


The fundamental job of an HR professional is to inspire people to contribute to the company’s growth

You have been with GCMMF for over 30 years. What have been your key learning experiences over the past many years? When I joined Amul on 30th of March in 1982, my first job was to open a depot in Jaipur for sales and distribution. I had just graduated out of IRMA, Anand (with the inaugural batch of 46 students there) and had no commercial experience whatsoever, but was made the Branch Manager on the strength of my MBA. They had already posted a sales officer there, who had previously worked with Bata and had 12-13 years of work experience, who was also aspiring to be the branch manager. I was just 22 years old and the first issue I had to deal with there was an HR issue as I had to meet the expectations and challenges of managing the sales officer who was senior to me in age and experience. Whenever we used to visit offices, godowns and other distribution points, I never used to introduce myself and would let him do it. I learnt so many things from him, including how to make a phone c...
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