Article: Empowering employees on-the-go: Adani’s case on building a connected organization

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Empowering employees on-the-go: Adani’s case on building a connected organization

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Read on to know how technology enabled Adani to connect and engage over 2200 employees across more than 90 locations.
Empowering employees on-the-go: Adani’s case on building a connected organization

Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL) is a joint venture incorporated in January 1999 between Adani Group & Wilmar International Limited - Singapore. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, they operate from 24 plant locations and about 90+ sales location in India.

With a strong commitment to building the nation through integrated processing infrastructure and seamless supply chain distribution, Adani Wilmar Ltd has constantly endeavored to touch the life of every Indian household - thereby making India stronger and healthier.

It is primarily their diverse and dynamic human capital that ensures the right gears are set into motion to achieve all of this and much more.

The business challenge:

As business ecosystems evolve into smarter, savvier versions of themselves through digitalization, Adani Wilmar’s vision was no different. They wanted a technology platform that could engage and drive the true potential of their most critical resource - The human capital.

Hence, the company needed a technology which offers:

  • On-the-go experience
  • Single source of truth
  • User-friendly functionalities

HR Team at Adani decided to reconsider the choice and look for a more user-friendly, functionally-deep & new-age technology solution to drive their talent initiatives.

Leading the transformation: The implementation phase

Planned in a phase-wise manner, phase 1 of the implementation process was completed within 10 weeks for 2200+ employees for Adani Wilmar at multiple locations across the country. Modules like Core, Leave & Attendance were integrated.

Beyond managing the attendance and leave, a social communication and collaboration platform was implemented to enable all the employees during this phase of the product rollout.


Simplifying HR:  Adani Wilmar was able to administer unique policies at each level and also gained better access control on reporting and data.

Cost efficiency: 50% Cost Efficiency achieved by decommissioning redundant middle layers & disparate systems with one solution.

Seamless data flow & experience: Integrations with more than eight internal systems resulted in effort efficiency and data accuracy through a seamless flow of information across. Integrations with Office-365 and Biometric enabled hassle-free login and attendance for employees.

 Empowered On-the-Go: With an easy and mobile-friendly interface, process adherence increased multifold. ~60% of employees downloaded the Mobile app within the first 3 days. Geo-tag based check-in has digitized attendance for remote workforce across 90+ sales locations thus saving time and giving better visibility to people managers.

Engaging a distributed talent pool: Pan-organization communication and collaboration was facilitated on Darwinbox’s social engagement page for enterprises - Vibe. Also with focused groups to communicate within each unit of the organization, Adani was able to achieve higher engagement & transparency.

 Satyendra Gaur,  CHRO-Adani Wilmar shares, "At Adani Wilmar, our vision was to have an HRMS that is intuitive, comprehensive and easy to use. With Darwinbox, we have moved a step closer to achieving all that we desired for. Not only has the mobile app helped our remote workforce to get aligned with the business goals & requirements - the team has been our rock throughout the process. They enabled us to go live with Core, Leaves and Attendance in just ten weeks."


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