Article: Simplifying HR processes – PVR’s story

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Simplifying HR processes – PVR’s story

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In this article, the CHRO of PVR Cinema highlights the advantages of using HCM systems.
Simplifying HR processes – PVR’s story

Technological advances in HR have transformed significantly in the last 10-15 years. Proactive software updates have made it much easier to maintain employee performance, which adds value from an employee perspective.

Before using advanced HR technology, PVR Cinema faced challenges using employee data.

It was a tedious process to manage or obtain data, as there were multiple files, multiple channels for obtaining data. Hence, it was challenging to collate, analyze and we would end up having variances due to different reasons. MIS update was a challenge as well and that created trouble while making a dashboard," says Sunil Kumar, CHRO, PVR Cinema

How does PVR use HR technology?

PVR turned to a Human Capital Management solution to manage their data. Sunil states that the solution helped the management, right from the hiring process, and all the way to employee exits. He states that the solution has not only reduced the stress of maintaining data and reducing the workload but is very useful in controlling small mishaps that unnecessarily consume time. Highlighting some key features, he said:

  • Once data was migrated to the HCM solution, all data and details of an employee were just a click away like performance and how the performance has progressed over the tenure etc

  • Based on the analytic data the system helped create an HR dashboard which gave input on the workforce, manpower cost, attrition and the hiring turnaround time

  • From a revenue perspective, it helped in managing an employee’s details about joining and exit dates, the salary being processed for a person who has not been in the system, or double wages credited due to manual updating which got controlled and had come to zero errors

  • Real-time insight into productivity and assisted in making crucial changes or decisions

Companies today have transparency in all the processes due to the advancement and implementation of technology. Easy interface with other digital solution has to lead the transformation. Employee satisfaction is a more manageable goal to achieve, as they do not have to be dependent on a supervisor to send emails of performance and attendance, which has added value from an employee perspective. 

Sunil Kumar states "The control with regards to any information or data from an HR perspective would not have been possible without Oracle. We also use a time and attendance system by a third party player. And the systems talk to each other, which makes the process smooth flowing." Sunil estimates that it took them almost a year to settle down and get acquainted with both the company and Oracle.

It is essential to be open to other technology and software with further enhancements that make the management as well as an employee’s life easy. Work can be fun when your life at a workplace is simplified instead of working hard and yet not achieving the desired results. Technology and organization have to work hand-in-hand to enhance organizational structure and employee experience,” says Sunil 

It is of utmost importance to be up to date with the new advancements and implement systems that provide one-stop platforms for all concerns, new ideas, targets achieved, data and future goals of the company.

"As PVR is growing fast and across pan India, we have to have technology that makes our backend team strong. Without strong backend operations, it would be difficult to function smoothly. Hence, we are implementing technology that makes employees journey easier. We are open to any other technology that makes the management life as well as employees’ life easy and would welcome it, open arms," says Sunil.

This article is based on an Oracle interview with Sunil Kumar.

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