Article: CHRO pain points on employee engagement

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CHRO pain points on employee engagement

In this feature, People Matters talks to HR leaders across different sectors about the key challenges they face while communicating and driving employee engagement
CHRO pain points on employee engagement
Employee engagement is a key measure to assess the culture and well-being of a company. Most organizations have a variety of interventions designed to engage, motivate and retain employees.  These interventions often include annual activities such as outings, R&R programs and celebration of important personal and professional milestones and festivals. In order to measure the engagement level of the employee, companies have used a variety of tools including sentiment analysis, pulse surveys, engagement surveys, opinion polls, feedback from one-on-one communication with managers and even town halls. In the new world of work, employers are realizing the need to go beyond traditional and time-tested exercises since they are faced with new business challenges that include catering to a diverse intergenerational workforce, engaging with not just current but prospective employees, and identifying ways of nurturing career paths of individual employees. Avijit Bhattacharya, CHRO, TATA...
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