Article: Best career trends in 2019 and what to expect in 2020

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Best career trends in 2019 and what to expect in 2020

What were the most significant career trends in 2019 and what to expect in 2020
Best career trends in 2019 and what to expect in 2020

Over the past decades, the nature of work has been in constant flux. Technological innovations, digital platforms, and automation, among others, are changing businesses and jobs alike. In order to stay ahead in the market and move forward, both employers and employees need to understand the most critical career trends in the next few years. With 2019 winding down, let's look at some of the best career trends of the year and what it has to offer in the coming year. 

#1 Financial planning and analysis manager

In the past couple of years, there has been a high demand for professionals with advanced management and analysis skills when it comes to maintaining and assessing an organization’s or an individual’s financial health. Financial planning and analysis manager plays a critical role in organizations by performing analysis, forecasting, and budgeting that supports significant corporate decisions of the CEO, CFO, and the board of directors. Since they can work in a wide variety of settings, they can help manage a company’s cash flow. Professionals, as well as newcomers, have been working on utilizing their qualitative and quantitative analysis skills to stand out from the competition. Because companies are looking to achieve their goals and map out future plans and goals, professionals are seeing opportunity in this aspect.  

#2 Data Scientist 

Data scientist has already been declared as the hottest job of 2019. Organizations and businesses are trying hard to harness the full potential of their data. Industry trends, customer behavior, data scientists are in high demand. They are the big data wranglers who gather and analyze large sets of unstructured and structured data. They are responsible for processing, analyzing, and modeling data, then evaluating results in order to create actionable plans for organizations and companies. It is one career trend that has emerged out of nowhere. Being a data scientist requires utilizing skills in both social science and technology for finding trends and managing data.   

#3 Account Manager and Account Executive 

With no surprise, there has been an increase in demand for account managers and executives in companies. When it comes to running a business, the products and services are not at all the only things. In order to successfully run a company, one has to be aware of their financials. Account managers and executives are tasked with managing account relationships in various capacities. It requires a thorough knowledge of marketing, customer relations, and sales operations. Account managers and executives work hand in hand, anticipating the customer needs and working within the company to ensure deadlines are met. This job role will certainly see an upsurge in the coming years. 

#4 Web Developer 

A web developer is the year’s fourth most in-demand job across the globe. Web development is one of the biggest skill gaps in the market, and the professionals who possess this knowledge and skills are and will be high in demand. With the exponential growth of the internet, there has been a high demand for web developers since most of the business has gone online. Thus, it is quickly becoming the best-paid and the most attractive career choices in the modern world. 

#5 Digital Marketer 

The need for multi-directional communication is now more than ever. With the competition getting tough day by day, reaching out to customers, and converting leads into sales has become difficult. This is why companies hugely rely on digital marketers who come up with unique ways to market and promote their products and services. There are thousands of job openings in this market, and they’re just getting started.

According to industry experts, soft skills, among other expertise, will move to the forefront of employment practices in 2020 and beyond, whereas machine learning and artificial intelligence will make a more dynamic job search. While predicting job growth and the employment rate isn’t an exact science, the companies releasing the best career trends and the fastest-growing jobs list is most often using their own data. These trends are largely cover all the broad career movements in 2019 and have set the pace for what to expect in the future. 


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