Article: Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: Apollo Tyres

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Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: Apollo Tyres

Apollo works towards learning and improving working environment by taking sincere efforts to learn their living conditions
Top 25 Best Workplaces in Asia: Apollo Tyres

Rank: 24


Number of employees: 2,346, Headquartered in: Gurgaon, CEO: Onkar Singh Kanwar


Apollo tyres, India’s leading tyre company, believes in empowering employees with all the information and knowledge needed to perform their jobs effectively. Apollo believes in empowering employees with all the information and knowledge needed to perform their jobs effectively. The company operates on the principle that employees are the first recipients of information before media. The company ensures that all HR and company related information is conveyed to employees in a timely and appropriate manner. Besides that, employees are also empowered with all financial information about the company. In order to further equip employees with all the right knowledge, the company conducts training programs and informal programs to relay important knowledge that make employees more effective.

The HR team takes initiative to visit employees as a part of structured program. This helps to understand family constraints and their impact on an employee’s orientation towards organization. The company also gathers informal but useful information about employees through family visits. All HR policies and processes are built with the information gathered from such sources. One example of the company’s commitment to empathizing with the condition of the workers is demonstrated through the fact that it appointed an industrial social worker to visit the homes of employees. The social worker identifies cases that need support through continuous touch with team members and suggest remedial solutions.

As part of its social commitment, the company launched a dedicated programme on Alcoholism in 2011. The objective of the program is to reduce absenteeism among workmen, strengthening family relations and ensuring high productivity. A detailed training program was organized in partnership with TTK (Chennai based NGO), wherein a group of employees were trained as Master Trainers (MTs) to spread awareness on Alcoholism. The programme is ongoing and focuses on building awareness and connecting with treatment and care linkages as required.

Apollo launched a program, which helps employees increase their wealth and get a share of company profits. The scheme was designed to award points, which could be accumulated and redeemed for laptop computers, bikes, a car, houses, etc. Many employees have purchased a car and even a house by accumulating these points. All sales employees have been able to buy laptops and bikes using these points.

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