Article: HiPoWeek recap: Highlights you cannot miss

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HiPoWeek recap: Highlights you cannot miss


Taking you through the highlights from the HiPoWeek, events, content and who said what
HiPoWeek recap: Highlights you cannot miss

The HiPo week a People Matters and Right Management initiative that happened over the last week from the 12th May to 16th May was received with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement and touched a major population from the HR community not just in India but across the globe. The speakers, moderators, facilitators and participants all mutually benefitted through a pool of knowledge and content that was flowing all through the week. There was a master class, two webinars, radio programs, tweet chats and a virtual coaching session followed by an upcoming virtual coaching session. Here is a recap of the key takeaways from the week that one just cannot afford to miss.

The virtual coaching session on on ‘HiPos, organizations; and their challenges’ was led by Chaitali Mukherjee, Country Manager, Right Management India and Nilanjana Paul, Executive Coach with Right Management India. They shared some really interesting ideas and key fundamentals that would not just help organizations get their HiPo programs right but also help HiPos themselves sort out various dilemmas. The key learning from this session was that organizations should not view coaching as a tool for correction rather as one to unleash the potential and that notification of potential is very critical and the lack of which could lead to a loss of talent.

The first webinar of the HiPo Week covering ‘Shopper’s Stop on their approach to HiPos’ had two speakers – Mr. Govind Srikhande, MD Shopper’s Stop India and Mr. Prashant Pandey, Vice President Right Management India who shared their insights from their experience and expertise on high potential development. This session laid out the clear importance of communication in HiPo development as Mr. Srikhande mentioned that it is extremely important to communicate clearly across all the stages – pre, post and during the program alongside charting a strong career growth path for the HiPos.

The second webinar of the week on ‘Sanofi’s approach to HiPo development’ shared ideas and solutions to deal with challenges in identification, development and measurement of return on investment. The key takeaway from this session was that it’s very important to first define a success profile for a HiPo or a HiPo program basis the organizational needs. The master class that focused on ‘Building a High Potential Leadership Development Program’ was facilitated by two experts, Bridget Beattie, EVP, Right Management APAC Region and Chaitali Mukherjee, Country Manager- India, Right Management. The group of selected professionals who attended the class discussed concerns and challenges around designing, implementing and institutionalizing High Potential Programs in India.

The tweet chats with Yashwant Mahadik, Head of HR Business Transformation & Head of Global Learning Philips University and with China Gorman, CEO, Great Place to Work were two very power packed sessions that offered immense learning to the community. Anand Pillai Sr EVP & Chief Learning Officer at Reliance tweeted that “The biggest challenge is the continued buy-in of all the stake holders for the entire duration of the program”. Talking about the best ways to retain high potential talent, China tweeted, “If HiPos feel valued by their leaders and their work is meaningful it would be hard to lure them away”.

In a power packed radio program with D.Shivakumar, Chairman & CEO India Region, PepsiCo the listeners benefitted tremendously from his ideals, principles and quest for developing future leaders. In a message to HiPos he said, “Do not externalize performance, internalize it and try to deliver better than expected. Be humble and accessible”. Another radio program with Sushil Mehta, Executive Vice President India, Avantor Performance Materials, allowed the listeners to learn from his journey, learnings and inspirations for performing well. Encouraging HiPos to keep learning he said, “Mistakes are a part of any learning journey – do not have a sense of remorse for failures as they are milestones in the learning curve”.

This HiPo week brought about a wave in the HiPo development arena encouraging organizations to look at it through a wider lens helping make the programs effective and measurable. No doubt, HiPo development has since long been talked about in the boardrooms but lately with the talent war on, it has become the hot talk and this initiative helped streamline thoughts and processes around this agenda. With the learning and takeaways from the HiPo week we believe organizations will surely be able to innovate and execute the HiPo programs in a more efficient way.

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