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Trending on Day-2: Not to miss


Taking you through the highlights from the Day – 2 of the HiPoWeek, events, content and who said what
Trending on Day-2: Not to miss

After a great start of the HiPo week, the second day began the knowledge sharing drive with unique content offerings through the newsletter that consisted videos featuring Prabir Jha, President and Group CHRO – Reliance Industries and Prashant Khullar, Director HR – Taj Group, two interesting articles on HiPo development, an interview with Dr. Santrupt Misra, Director, Global HR & CEO, Carbon Black Business at ABG and last but not the least, the event schedule and a recap of Day-1 to keep you abreast of all that happened.

The second webinar of the week on ‘Sanofi’s approach to HiPo development’ witnessed immense participation as the attendees got to learn a lot from the speakers Ms. Colombe Thielin, People & Organizational Development Director for (Intercontinental region) Sanofi and Pierre Jauffret, Senior Vice President Talent Management Solutions Right Management – EMEA. They shared insights from their experience in identifying and developing HiPos. Pierre shared the following challenges faced in identifying, developing and measuring outcome of HiPos.

Identification challenges:

  1. Confusion between high performance and high potential. High performance is how a person can perform today while high potential is the ability of a person to perform well in the future.
  2. Accepting that past success may not ensure future success.

Development challenges:

  1. Not aligning the developmental activities with business goals
  2. Lack of a structured process, one that can be easily monitored
  3. Inability to engage the HiPos not just intellectually but emotionally as well

Measurement of return on investment:

  1. There is no magic recipe to measuring this outcome accurately
  2. Not having the right methods to gauge impact on individual performance after the development plan has been executed

Sharing key learnings from Sanofi’s quest for high potential development, Colombe talked about their challenges and very interesting practices they implemented to overcome the challenges along with an effective 360 degree program. She shared the following points as the fundamentals to a HiPo plan:

  1. It’s important to first define a success profile for a HiPo or a HiPo program basis the organizational needs.
  2. Design the assessment around the same needs
  3. Deliver the assessment effectively
  4. It cannot move further without providing constructive feedback
  5. Once that’s done, it’s time to accelerate the development process making necessary changes
  6. Finally, measure individual and organizational success keeping the initial success profile as a benchmark.

One significant thought amongst the others shared by Colombe was a framework for identifying HiPos. She said, “High potentials display a strong career drive, aspirations, high level of confidence and an agility”.

With the community getting to know more about the challenges in HiPo development and the solutions to the same the second day saw a huge participation and growing excitement for the days ahead. There’s a lot of learning in store as more senior experts from the industry will share their insights, experiences and journeys as a HiPo or as a facilitator for high potential development. Watch out for more in the week!

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