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Trending on Day-4: Not to miss


Taking you through the highlights from the Day – 4 of the HiPoWeek, events, content and who said what
Trending on Day-4: Not to miss

With the activities that happened today the HiPo week reached out to people not only in India but across the globe. The day began with a really fast-paced tweet chat with China Gorman, CEO, Great Place to Work which was on the topic ‘What does a HiPo look like’. Through this unique platform the initiative touched over 15,000 people from the HR community spread across the globe and gained insights from their views and opinions on identifying and developing potential the right way. The participants claimed to have learnt much more in the one hour session than they would do otherwise in an entire day.

Talking about the best ways to retain high potential talent, China tweeted, “If HiPos feel valued by their leaders and their work is meaningful it would be hard to lure them away”. This interesting tweet chat saw involvement from various senior thought leaders spanning the globe but China remained the focus of attention for all as the entire group got to know of new and interesting perspectives on the agenda. China also shared insights on what great companies do differently to develop potential and how can other companies learn from them.

After a great start to the day, the excitement meter had risen much higher as the second session was a power packed radio program with D.Shivakumar, Chairman & CEO India Region, PepsiCo where he shared his journey as a HiPo. He talked about his risks, challenges, inspirations, motivations, his drive to perform consistently and emerge an effective leader all through. He also shared his ideals, principles and quest for developing future leaders. He said, “Good leaders have the ability to build future leaders”. The listeners gained from his views on what should organizations or leaders do better to identify and retain talent. He concluded by sending out a meaningful message to all the high potentials as a part of which he said, “Do not externalize performance, internalize it and try to deliver better than expected. Be humble and accessible”.

Along with all this, the daily newsletter offered another rich pool of content to learn and gain from. With this day being so full of knowledge and energy, there would sure be a lot of eagerness for more coming further. Indeed! So stay tuned and gear up to learn from another radio program with Sushil Mehta, Executive Vice President India, Avantor Performance Materials.

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