Article: Trending on Day-5: Not to miss

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Trending on Day-5: Not to miss


Taking you through the highlights from the Day – 5 of the HiPoWeek, events, content and who said what
Trending on Day-5: Not to miss

It may be the last working day of the week for some and the week is going to end but certainly the quest for high potential development would never come to an end. That is what we learnt after a week full of activities and events, ‘Change is the only constant’!

The last event of the week was an insightful radio program with Sushil Mehta, Executive Vice President India, Avantor Performance Materials. He has been a leader and a high potential himself and he shared with our listeners his journey, learnings and inspirations for performing well. He said, “Mistakes are a part of any learning journey – do not have a sense of remorse for failures as they are milestones in the learning curve”. In a message to HiPos he said, “Cornerstone for a HiPo is the urge to do more!” and that “Ability to adapt to environments on a continuous basis will help you perform”.

As the community learnt tremendously from the radio program, the week came to a closure on a very positive note leaving each one of us with various perspectives, thoughts and ideas to reflect upon and implement for getting a better future leadership pipeline in place.

However, the show must go on and hence there is another power packed event on HiPo coming next week which is a ‘Virtual Coaching Session on measuring HiPo ROI’. The speakers for the session will be Chaitali Mukherjee, Country Manager – India, Right Management and Rohtash Mal, Business Leader and Ex MD Escorts Ex CEO Bharti Airtel. The community is sure to gain a lot from the ideas the industry veterans will share and there is already a lot of excitement flowing in for the same.

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