Article: 6 'must-have' qualities of an efficient Applicant Tracking System


6 'must-have' qualities of an efficient Applicant Tracking System

Hiring candidates from a pool of qualified and talented applicants isnt an easy task. Choosing a great Applicant Tracking System will support your company in achieving the same in a highly efficient manner.
6 'must-have' qualities of an efficient Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is now an integral part of the HR department in most companies. This software enhances productivity and increases the efficiency. However, to get the best returns, you should employ an ATS that is reliable, up-to-date and user-friendly. A great ATS addresses your exact company needs through its tools. 

For best results, your cloud-based recruitment software should have the following ‘must-haves’: 

Linking of Job Requisitions

When a company is hiring, they have to prepare job requisitions as per their vacancy and get those requisitions approved by the concerned internal management team. Once the approval goes through, they have to post the job openings on different websites. An ATS system performs these activities with great efficiency by linking them in a sequence, however, an outstanding one will link all the requisitions automatically and even post them to recognized sources that comply with federal requirements and reach out to sites focusing on women, veterans, minorities, individuals with disabilities etc. You can also track the effectiveness of various recruiting sources through the data provided by the ATS. 

Engaging Interface

Attracting the right talent is step number one, keeping them engaged comes a close second. Without engagement, you will risk losing the candidates as soon as they think of applying. It is essential that the application process isn’t complicated, disconnected or irrelevant. As soon as candidates apply, the ATS will analyze the resumes and store them. It efficiently relays the status information to the applicants and notifies crucial data to the managers. An excellent ATS integrates the company’s branding and website with the pages where the jobs are posted. This allows the applicants to interact and feel connected to your company. It even allows candidates to sign up for notifications that can inform them about future vacancies. 

Focus on Compliance

Compliance is an important factor that dictates various recruitment processes. Thorough prescreening of all applicants should be done to check if they possess basic qualifications. Invitation for an interview should be sent to candidates to voluntarily self-identify gender, race, disability or Protected Veteran status etc. In the end, the final screening of those applying for critical roles should be done. You can design all these three steps to meet regulatory requirements with the help of a great ATS. The built-in forms are designed within the regulatory framework of the company’s HR needs. They can even be tailored for internal recruitments.

Integrated Communication 

An excellent ATS offers the features of 2-way text messaging, email and telephone integration. If you prefer calling the candidates directly, ATS has an integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology too, which gives you the ability to call anywhere in the world using a broadband connection instead of a standard phone line. By having options of a multitude of seamless communication channels, you can eliminate uninterested candidates and streamline effective communication within the hiring team as well.  

Social Media Integration 

More and more companies are turning to social media for screening candidates and hiring good talent. A great ATS seamlessly integrates with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. where jobs can be posted and distributed to a global audience. You can gain crucial insights, which can help in improving the hiring process. The HR team can analyze the data collated from the integrated social media sites to determine the shortcomings of the candidates against the company’s requirements and outline the success patterns. Your company’s SEO standing also increases, since frequent postings on social media boosts SEO. 

Recording, Tracking, Statistics

The hiring process cannot be efficient if the steps involved in recruitment aren’t tracked and recorded at every stage. A great ATS doesn’t only help in choosing the right candidate but it can also be customized to track every stage involved during prescreening, screening, tests, interviews, and/or background checks of the applicants. Recording these details and documentation is equally important, which is achieved by an excellent ATS. It also provides all the important and relevant hiring statistics through graphs, numbers, etc.

Hiring candidates from a pool of qualified and talented applicants isn’t an easy task. Choosing a great Applicant Tracking System will support your company in achieving the same in a highly efficient manner.


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