Article: Rise in strategic importance of recruitment

Talent Acquisition

Rise in strategic importance of recruitment

Companies today have started getting defined by talent
Rise in strategic importance of recruitment

The role of the HR head has become crucial in building a talent company. Therefore, today, talent management, employee engagement and strategic talent planning are equally important as talent acquisition. 

The buyer of recruitment services in India has also significantly evolved. LinkedIn does an annual Recruitment Trends survey, which shows that use of data for talent acquisition is one of the highest in India. According to our 2015 study in staffing trends, online professional networks have also become the top channel for promoting a firm’s brand and 72 percent of Indian recruiters list online professional networks as the most effective means of promoting their business. 

Also, because the buyer is constantly evolving in India, so are the HR service/products providers. Moving forward, data-driven decisions enabled by technology and social media will continue to be one of the core aspects of the HR industry in the coming years. As talent organizations will continue to possess competitive advantage, the focus on employer branding is likely to increase. In this context, Employee Value Proposition (EVP) will have to be looked at very differently by every company and every industry. Mobile will also continue to be an integral part in the industry, both for the employee and the employer.   



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