Article: Here’s a round-up of key Internship trends


Here’s a round-up of key Internship trends

47% of employers hired interns for management roles. And Maharashtra, Karnataka are the top states to hire interns.
Here’s a round-up of key Internship trends

2018 witnessed a steep rise of 80% in the number of internship seekers in India. This presents budding opportunities to employers who are looking to hire interns. Over the years, employers have understood the importance of hiring interns as they bring fresh ideas and are highly energetic and excited to prove their mettle. 

Here’s a round-up of key trends from Internshala’s data:

46% of the employers hire their interns full-time

Employers often have short-term projects and find it convenient to hire interns to work on them. In addition to this, employers find it really efficient to hire their full-time employees through their internship programs. 46% of the employers promise a pre-placement offer to their interns as they prefer to utilize the internship period to assess whether a candidate is a fit for the job or not; this could include assessing their competencies for the position, checking if they are culturally fit for the organization, or seeing if a candidate is a team player. 

82% rise in the number of internship positions in 2018

A number of companies run internship programs as a prominent part of their hiring strategy, which is why there’s been 82% growth in the number of internship positions posted on Internshala in the year 2018. 

Recruiters hired maximum interns from tier-1 cities

In 2018, recruiters hired a maximum number of interns in tier-1 cities of India — Delhi-NCR had the highest number of internship openings comprising of 35% of the total number of openings in India. Closely following Delhi was Mumbai and Bangalore with 20% and 15% of the internship openings.

47% of employers hired interns for management roles

India houses one of the most rapidly growing startup ecosystems. This has resulted in the creation of various jobs in the field of management. The maximum number of internships posted in 2018, 47% of the total internships were for management profiles like sales and marketing, finance, operations management, human resources, and business development.  

The media sector had a share of  21% of all the internship openings. Recruiters hired interns in 2018 for profiles including content writing, social media marketing, video making, journalism, public relations, and copywriting.

Now, let’s see what the internship trends suggest for the recruiters in 2019:

Maharashtra and Karnataka stand tall as the top states to hire interns

With the highest number of students looking for internships in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Delhi-NCR, it is a great opportunity for employers to hire interns from these states. 

Jump in hiring opportunities for employers in tier-2 cities

With the rise of social media and technology, students from tier-2 cities have become more aware as well. While they earlier faced various challenges due to lack of career opportunities and awareness, they have now understood how internships could bring them steps closer to their dream careers. This is a promising trend for all the startups and small and medium businesses that are based out of tier-2 cities and are looking to hire interns.

Summer season stands out as the best time to hire interns

Often, employers ask us why they receive a lot of internship applications sometimes but not at other times. Which brings us to the next trend which depicts the best time to hire interns.

Candidates looking for internships are typically college going students who find it difficult to pursue full-time internships along with managing their college and studies. This is why students prefer to do internships during their vacations and hence, the best time to hire interns are the summer months of April, May, and June. 

Virtual internships receive three times more applications

While summer stands out as the best time to hire interns, this does not mean that employers can’t hire interns during other months. In order to manage their studies, students keen on finding internships prefer part-time work or virtual internships which require them to work only on the weekends or after their college hours. In fact, as per our data, virtual internships receive three times more applications than the in-office internships.

Demand-supply gap for various internship profiles

Additionally, a demand-supply gap has been observed for popular internship profiles that present multiple opportunities for both employers as well as students. For instance, employers looking to hire web development interns have a large pool of relevant candidates to choose the best fits for their respective organizations.

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