Article: Human connectivity is fundamental to every business: Shivram Choudhary, Founder, Codevidhya


Human connectivity is fundamental to every business: Shivram Choudhary, Founder, Codevidhya

Businesses are all about human beings and human touch is key to maintaining the path to progress, shares Shivram Choudhary, Founder of Codevidhya.
Human connectivity is fundamental to every business: Shivram Choudhary, Founder, Codevidhya

The ‘virtual boom’ has enabled people to experience education in a new light. Gamification has brought a reward system to our educational progress and has increased enthusiasm to learn new skills. Yet with the pandemic still persisting amidst us, the stakes of maintaining human relationship has never been so higher.

In this interview, Shivram Chaudhary, Founder of edtech startup Codevidhya, discusses the value of human links and how it can support the organizations to realign their transformation.

How are you reinventing your HR policies for the new world of work?

At Codevidhya, we strongly believe in human connections and our focus is on reenergizing the HR sector and using collaborative technology to cater the digital requirements of the schools and institutions. 

With the pandemic influencing the way we look at work, Codevidhya brought in some COVID-19 regularizations in our policies which includes quarterly performance reassessments and flexible work schedules. We have also started wellness classes for our employees and inculcated book reading sessions to encourage human connectivity among ourselves.  

Is transformation with purpose an utopian dream? How can you as a leader project the idea on your organization?

I believe that once people become aware and understand the purpose of themselves then their purpose aligns with that of the organization. Once this is achieved, transformation is very much possible. I again emphasize here the importance of human connection and as a leader, we have to set examples in front of them to make them aware about the idea.

At Codevidhya, we invest our time and energy to reskill ourselves to better prepare for the changing nature of work. Our product includes training teachers in an online environment and here we believe that we make the impact by transforming the educational structure of the institutions and also, transforming ourselves simultaneously.  

In the context of HR, how do you think technology integration, innovation and reinvention can facilitate HR in its functioning post lockdown?

Technology has made huge strides in the human resource sector. Since the pandemic, almost 85% of the organizations have seamlessly transitioned to a virtual environment. Everyone is acclimatized to use Zoom, Google Meet and other communications tools while sitting in a remote area. This has enabled organizations to function at a positive rate and they are fully integrating themselves digitally as the world powers through. Yet human connection is still fundamental to me and I believe that more tools and resources should be generated to encourage the ‘human touch’ among the remote workforce. 

Earlier, embracing HR technology came with the fear of losing the personal touch. Nowadays, through technology only are we gaining connectivity? Is this balance going to be brief? What can you as a leader do about it?

A key takeaway for me after reading Robin Sharma’s ‘5 AM Club’ was the skill of forming habits. Similarly, embracing technology in human resources has steadily become a second nature for the organizations and connectivity will remain in prominence as newer upgrades would be generated. As a leader, I reject the notion that personal touch will be lost amidst this virtual boom and want to emphasize that once properly managed, human connections can sustain any kind of change. 

What is of utmost importance in this disruptive age, both for leaders and for organizations?

  • Strong communication 
  • Hybrid mobility
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Quick response to situations
  • Will to reskilling ourselves
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