Article: Rank 19: SCMHRD Pune


Rank 19: SCMHRD Pune

Focus on research based facilitating, not practiced teaching
Rank 19: SCMHRD Pune

Established: 1993, Top-scoring parameters: Leadership & Governance, Academic Excellence, Infrastructure


Differentiator: Contemporary approach to studies


A relatively young institute, SCMHRD has created a brand of its own. Most of the students are engineers or working professionals and in the average age group of 23-25. SCMHRD students have proven their mettle, occupying senior positions in some most prominent multinationals like PwC and KPMG.

Director Prof. Pratima Sheorey says, “The new generation is well-informed and does not look for practiced teachers. They need facilitators with a strongly practical and research-based approach. Management is an applied science and it completely depends on the context as to what learning delivery modes are to be applied.” The institute has a contemporary approach to makes sure the faculty is involved with industry and government bodies for research/consulting assignments, for which the students are made to do the ground work. This, in addition to the usual summer internship and a month-long winter project, ensure that they stay abreast of the corporate trends. In order to ensure a holistic development of its students, vipassana meditation, yoga and sports are encouraged.

There are more than 17 student committees that organize events, inviting industry professionals for guest lectures and interactions with the students. Even the internal processes, from admissions to placements, are all managed by students, which helps them understand the importance of teamwork, budget management etc. Hence, real time learning happens along with studying the theoretical aspects. Apart from regular projects and assignments, students have also written whitepapers, which have been published. The overall environment of the institute focuses on making the students professionally capable and mentally strong. The social sensitization also happens through students’ involvement and adoption of government run women home etc., helping or uplifting them to be self-reliant.

The institute is working to tie-up with a well-ranked European university. Students have been sent to Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich and students from Japan, Germany and Australia too have come here to study. Similarly, the faculty has also contributed to various European universities. Cases from Harvard are used for day-to-day teaching and students have access to an extensive industry database. Along with the regular streams, there’s an entrepreneurship course, the CFA and PMP certifications. The institute is NAAC accredited and in process for the AACSB accreditation, as a part of its vision to be an internationally acclaimed business school.

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