Article: Five resolutions for HR this 2024


Five resolutions for HR this 2024

As a HR professional, have you decided on your New Year resolutions for 2024? Here are some suggestions to get you started.
Five resolutions for HR this 2024

2024 is upon us! Going into the new year, let's think about our goals and objectives, and what we need to do in order to reach them. In other words, it's time to set up some New Year's resolutions to guide our planning and progression throughout the coming year. If you haven't decided on your 2024 resolutions yet, here are five suggestions.

Among generative AI hype, remember to stay human

We've spent 2023 being fascinated by generative AI and rushing to find more ways of implementing it and using it to boost our productivity. However, generative AI hasn't been able to meet all our needs. The human touch is still very important to keep the technology on track and make sure that it truly serves the needs of organisations and people

That's where HR comes in – human touch is HR's specialistion, and HR is in the right place to make sure that people still remain at the centre of strategies and decision making.

Talk to the business leaders

If you aren't already doing it, start! HR cannot work in a silo any more. The most successful HR leaders work hand in hand with the rest of the C-suite. They participate in business conversations and contribute their unique perspectives, ensuring that people strategy is closely aligned with business strategy. HR practitioners around the world need to follow this model.

Talking to the business doesn't just happen at the top levels either. No matter where you are situated in the HR function, you can and should reach out to your counterparts in other departments, get their perspective on where the business is going and what the needs are.

Be the guardian of flexibility

The end of this year was characterised by ferocious debate over productivity, with Narayana Murthy's 70-hour workweek suggestion becoming notorious across all conversations. The truth is, productivity is a spectrum. On one end, some workplaces may drop the ball and slide into inefficiency, but on the other hand, it's just as possible to go overboard and drive unnecessary hardship for employees.

HR needs to play a role in keeping organisations flexible and balanced, so that the workplace does not skew too far in either direction. Whether by carefully adjusting policies at the back end or by coming forward to advocate a balanced and equitable approach, this is a direction worth pursuing in 2024.

Actively pursue diversity and equitability

Despite the advances made in diversity, equitability, and inclusion, many companies continue to struggle with DEI. That's because no matter how good an initiative is, it will always be overshadowed by multiple other urgent priorities, especially with the challenges that 2024 is likely to bring. Unless someone puts in a constant effort to keep the momentum going, DEI will end up sidelined and the organisation will backslide.

HR is not the only DEI player in the workplace, but it plays a major role in keeping the organisation's culture open to diversity. This is especially the case for industries that are traditionally gender imbalanced or otherwise slow to evolve with social norms. HR practitioners need to keep that pot boiling so that DEI can retain a place on an already packed agenda.

Keep on driving wellbeing

Just like with DEI, the wellbeing agenda needs constant pushing and support so that it does not become sidelined. In our workaholic society where the pressure to appear busy is intense, wellbeing easily falls by the wayside – we haven't learned much even from the mental health crisis that followed the pandemic!

HR is in the right position to keep reminding leaders, managers, and even employees themselves of the importance of wellbeing, and to drive the policies and work culture that make wellbeing possible. Health is priceless, and we all need to stay healthy in 2024!

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