Article: How AI is transforming the hiring process

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How AI is transforming the hiring process

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The onset of AI in talent acquisition has completely revamped the antiquated recruitment process that was inflicted with many costly and time-consuming practices.
How AI is transforming the hiring process

Induction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in hiring is a watershed moment in the staffing industry. The decisive technology is loaded with tons of amazing features such as Big Data and Predictive Analysis that are making desirable disruptions in the recruitment processes for both corporates and startups. Recruitment is no more a monotonous process for HR professionals as activities like making phone calls to potential customers, shortlisting of the resumes and replying the applicants through emails are switched to AI software in digitally transformed organizations. Beyond assisting the recruiters in the preliminary rounds, this revolutionary technology is equally impressive in judging the candidates over analytical skills and psycho-emotional traits. These collateral benefits are also responsible for reducing the cost of hiring and granting more time to managers in meeting their targets. Hence, reluctance to AI can terribly affect the overall performance of a business in the era of cut-throat competition.     

How AI is transforming the hiring process

Finding the right people to transform innovative concepts into successful brands is always a challenge for HR departments in almost every industry, and accomplishing this goal within the limited budget makes this task even more difficult. Thanks to AI for making this task simpler, easier, and more efficient through predictive algorithms and data tools. Guaranteed with precision and perfection, HR software like ATS, Entelo, HireVue, Beamery, JobBot, and Mya are fostering quality hiring in tech-savvy enterprises. They all are superheroes in their respective fields. If Entelo and Beamery search and check the profiles of the potential candidates on social media to find out applicants planning to switch jobs, then HireVue is very useful for assessing the personality of applicants on various facial and verbal parameters in video interviews. Whereas Mya and JobBot are interactive software that communicates with applicants on chatbots and based on these virtual communications they do the ranking of the candidates and help to schedule interviews with the staff of the concerned department. 

AI-driven Benefits

AI is very useful in assisting the HR in various recruitment processes, from data empowered talent mapping to the behavioural assessment of prospective employees, almost every stage of hiring has been optmised after the introduction of AI in recruitment and selection. AI is empowering the HR managers with customised research tools and accurate analysis that are helping them to pick the best talent in the industry. Also, AI enables businesses to anticipate the future needs and demands of the candidates they are willing to hire, based on these future analyses they can influence them with the attractive plans and offers.

Organisations well aware of the merits of AI often succeed in filling the skill gap and right work to the right people. A good match between the task and performer evidently lead to enhanced productivity and profitability and saves both time and cost of the organisation. 

Besides, being neutral to religion, caste, colour, gender, and race; AI led hiring process is free from all sorts of partialities and discriminations. Such an undifferentiated selection of people results in healthy work culture and minimum grievances on the part of employees further improves employees’ satisfaction level and resolves high attrition and turnover ratio.     

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The onset of AI in talent acquisition has completely revamped the antiquated recruitment process that was inflicted with many costly and time-consuming practices. The new system of recruitment not only saves the money and time of the organizations, but also leverages them to select people that best suit the demand of current businesses. Now, using AI tools in recruitment and selection process, companies can more easily optimise their resources, including the human capital. 

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