Article: Influence others – Define your communication strategy

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Influence others – Define your communication strategy

Here are the key takeaways for recruiters to determine an effective communication strategy to recruit right talent

Attracting the wrong candidate can be costly to an organization, not only does it extend the hiring process, it can also drain a recruiter’s time. Communication, therefore, remains a crucial element of hiring. Building an effective communication strategy is not only helpful in understanding the talent needs but it is useful to attract the right talent for the right job.

People Matters in association with LinkedIn Talent Solutions conducted its third module of the certification program, Social Hiring Masterclass Series. This module focuses on how recruiters can build persuasive communication skills and utilize them to dive into compelling conversations both externally with the candidates and internally with the hiring managers. The session was delivered by Subhasis Mishra, Director TA, Target at LinkedIn and Deborah Desouza, Sr.Talent Advisor, LinkedIn. This module provided a toolkit to:

Here are the key takeaways for the recruiters to define a communication strategy to influence candidates as well as key stakeholders:

Understand your audience: 

It is imperative to understand the audience you are communicating to when designing a talent communication strategy- job description, blog or a company update.

Understand the changing talent landscape:

Acknowledge the shifting profile of today’s candidate. The young talent has an entirely new set of expectations. They are more purpose and meaning driven than their previous generation.

Tailor your communication strategy:

Modify your communication to various talent segments according to the three different stages of life cycle they are in– Awareness, consideration, and conversion

Help the candidate to imagine a future with you:

Organizations need to move away from traditional communication strategy to more authentic, and team member led stories while communicating with the target talent, which will likely have more resonance.

Watch the video to get detailed action plan on:

Designing engaging job postings to elicit maximum interest and excitement

Defining key elements that should be covered during conversations with the candidates on social platforms

Building strategies to architect internal conversation with the hiring managers to create a buy-in

The last session of the certification program- “Storify” your impact – Leverage data to influence will be conducted on 10th August. This session will be the last module of this certification series. The certification program is broken into four modules.  Each module focused on a key pillar of being a successful social recruiter. And hence, to be eligible for receiving a certificate, each participant has to watch all the four videos. If you missed watching any session, please click on the link to be eligible for receiving a certificate after the end of the masterclass.

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