Article: Here’s how augmented talent management will change HR

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Here’s how augmented talent management will change HR

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HR professionals will need to make the most of modern technology to enhance employee experience.
Here’s how augmented talent management will change HR

The era of new age HR is going to be defined by AI. Companies that aim to be relevant in the future will need to identify ways of augmenting their processes with AI technology. 

A report by EY highlights the three components that drive AI – “high speed computation, a huge amount of quality data and advanced algorithms.” By leveraging these components, HR processes will need to become more personalized and experiential. 

In addition to navigating evolving candidate/employee expectations, HR teams must help decipher and prepare for how such advances will affect the workforce, beyond chat bots in contact centres and using AI data for promotions.

With automation freeing up more time, and data analysis informing better decision-making, HR professionals can dive deeper into critical talent management areas, including:

Performance Reviews

With AI, input can be automated and performance scoring can be standardized, which is a welcome change for a periodic task oftentimes crowbarred into an already-full workload. As the bulk of the report is generated automatically, managers can focus on empathizing and connecting with employees to better uncover opportunities for improvement.


By alerting you to workers who are a flight risk, AI functionality can save you time in proactively assessing employee engagement and potential. HR professionals can instead devote more personal attention to engaging and thus, saving rock-star employees.

Recommended Roles

Similar to movie and product tips by Netflix or Amazon, respectively, both employees and prospects can be sent “good fit” job recommendations. And “candidate-to-candidate” matching can inform you of the applicants most closely resembling top performers. As AI automation nurtures your wider talent pool, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in seeking out highly desired passive candidates whose hiring would be a boon for your company.

Career Pathing

With a complete view of employee performance and core HR data, AI functionality can determine which path for advancement is right for certain employees. You can spend freed-up time matching young professionals with in-house mentors based on personality, work style, and other criteria best determined by your own judgement.

Strategic Planning

With a wide data set that could encompass financial and supply chain data, AI-generated forecasts for future staffing needs can allow you to plan staffing accordingly and get ahead of the fiscal year-planning curve with upper management.

HR professionals should explore AI’s immense potential—and ample use cases. With this exciting new technology, teams can shift from maintenance and the mundane to the meaningful and strategic.

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