Article: Talent development across levels: A lever to scale


Talent development across levels: A lever to scale

Makrand Appalwar, Chairman & Managing Director at Emmbi Industries Limited shares his perspectives on scaling-up, talent challenges in SMEs and more.

As SMEs scale, new roles emerge and existing roles may become redundant. Is talent acquisition the only answer to this challenge? Hear from an experience entrepreneur how talent development across levels can help SMEs manage this challenge and scale up seamlessly.

Makrand is the Chairman & Managing Director at Emmbi Industries Limited founded in 1994. Instrumental in developing the Rs 225-crore business, Makrand shares the most important aspect of running a business i.e. developing talent as your business grows. Emmbi is known for a a competent top management along with a team of dedicated professionals and friendly work atmosphere, the company also ensures employee welfare which takes care of the attrition. 

He talks about the talent strategies that worked for him and also gives his advice to all the SMEs which are in the process of scaling-up.

Read his full interview in our March magazine issue.

We will also share the podcast of his Journey soon.

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Topics: Entrepreneurship, Talent Management, #SMETalent

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