Article: Human touch in a world of unemotional AI


Human touch in a world of unemotional AI

Much has already been written about how HR must change in the world of AI but not much has been said about the complementarity of the human element or the human touch and a world of the unemotional AI.
Human touch in a world of unemotional AI
Automation is at the threshold of revolutionizing the world of work. By 2040, most routine jobs that follow set patterns of execution will be automated using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. Jobs that require higher cognitive skills, including those of analysts in politics and economics for policy-making, legal research, and healthcare, will also need to accept AI as a partner for increasing their productivity and effectiveness.  Ever since the industrial revolution, automation has become a norm of change that has created new types of jobs while destroying the ones the new forms of employment replaced. Historically, people have reskilled and up-skilled to work along with machines to increase their productivity. However, the fears of mass unemployment at the outset of every wave of automation, including the introduction of personal computers, turned out to be unfounded because new kinds of jobs replaced the old ones, labor became more productive, and economies grew as a...
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