Article: 'Technology enhancing HR performance'

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'Technology enhancing HR performance'

Different technologies are available for helping various processes under Hire-to-Retire cycle. Some ways in which technology has helped HR is as follows...
'Technology enhancing HR performance'

Development in technology is happening at a brisk pace nowadays. Any organization which is not quick and agile enough to adapt to these technological changes would be at the receiving end. The importance of technology is felt by each and every department. The kind of efficiency improvement that technology brings about is simply amazing. Since,human resources are the biggest asset of any organization, the need of implementing technology is the most urgent and critical in this department.

In the past, HR used to play a smaller role in the organization, but the scope of work and area of impact for HR has been continuously increasing. In any organization,HR performs 3 roles: Administrative, Consultative, and Strategic. It is the first 2 categories (Administrative and Consultative) where in technology can play a direct role. Many of the HR processes including but not limited to Payroll, Time & Attendance, HR Queries, Exit Process etc. can be delivered seamlessly through right technology enablement. 

Technology can also help to a great extent in HR’s consultative role by providing right kind of information about the employees. Once HR has all information related to the employee, it can plan the development journey in an effective manner. Technology enablement in areas like Performance Management, Succession Planning, Learning & Development etc can greatly help HR in its consultative role. Here, HR can play a very important and effective role in career development if the same is enabled by technology.

In current scenario, expectations from HR is to become a true strategic partner to the business and help the business proactively in planning and decision making. This can be achieved to a great extent by the right use of right technology. Technology can help HR in a lot of prescription/preemptive analytics which will largely help HR in decision making. Proactive decision making can help HR become true strategic partner to the business. Also, if real-time reporting is provided by the use of right kind of technology, then HR will be able to take quick decisions which will have a significant impact on the business. 

Technology integrates everything seamlessly. End-to-End visibility is something which can be easily achieved through technology. Different technologies are available for helping various processes under Hire-to-Retire cycle. Some ways in which technology has helped HR is as follows: -

  • Talent Acquisition: Creating talent pool, screening talent, Recruitment & Selection, are a few critical areas where technology has played significant role to make HR efficient.Technology has bridged the gap in identifying the right person-job fit. Giving advertisements in newspapers looks like a thing from the past. Various job portals have seen tremendous growth and provide a great platform for organizations to source good candidates. Also, seamless integration of Vacancy Requisition to Candidate’s joining has provided an end-to-end visibility to HR. Various analytics and reports help HR in monitoring ‘Quality of Hire’ and at the same time keep a check on ‘Cost to Hire’.

  • Learning &Development & Knowledge Management: E-Learning is the new name for Training & Development. There are various knowledge portals which are available for employees to do training programmes sitting at their workstation. This mechanism enhances the delivery of a particular programme and at the same time makes it much more convenient. Various levels of technology integration can help in identifying and bridging the training gaps. It helps in formulating customized development plans for each employee. Employee has also become the owner of their own development journey. Learning via Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) has also improved accessibility of courses to the employees. Now, organizations can help employees in identifying the right programme and employees can conduct the training programmes at the comfort of their homes. 

  • E-Performance Management: Customized and enriched performance management system is another strength of HR department. All credit goes to “Technology”. If all individual’s performance is driven in the direction of organization’s vision, the probability of organization achieving performance increases manifolds. Hence, right from doing goal-setting and evaluating someone’s performance, it is very important that things are kept transparent. Also, it is very important to provide right feedback at the right time to the employees. All of these can be achieved by using technology.

  • Analytics and Reporting: HR professionals are often stuck in tiring paper work, file management for a substantialperiod of time. With the help of technology, it is possible to manage records in electronic form. The record can be referred anytime when required.E-Filing not only helps in making a paperless department, but also helps in saving a lot of crucial time in document management. Also, dashboards and reports help HR in taking right decision at the right time.

Technology has definitely improved the efficiency and effectiveness of HR function. It has helped in HR in reducing the time spent on administrative activities. Also, it is with the help of technology only, that HR can become a true strategic partner to the business.

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