Article: People want to get recognized for what they do


People want to get recognized for what they do

Frank Zwecker, Vice President, Global Comp & Ben, Lenovo, talks about the rapid evolution of the Compensation & Benefits space, the impact of startups on the ecosystem and the components of a flexible rewards strategy
People want to get recognized for what they do
In a career spanning two decades in Compensation & Benefits space, Frank Zwecker has worked with leading consulting firms like Ernst & Young as an Associate Director (International Compensation) and Dell as Director (Comp & Benefits). He currently holds the position of Vice President, Global Compensation and Benefits function of Lenovo.  In this exclusive interview, Frank shares his views on the paradigm shift in the compensation & benefits ecosystem. From the dot-com bubble of the 1990s, to getting to terms with the renewed startup boom and competing in the ever-intensifying war for talent, he talks about the emergence and establishment of innovative ways like equity-based long-term incentives, pay for performance, and flexible benefits.  In your career trajectory, how have you seen the compensation and benefits space evolve, especially in the past 25 years? The emergence of the technology sector and the increasing war for talent has shaped the compensation...

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In the next three years, 120 million jobs in the world’s 10 largest economies will need retraining or re-skilling. To adapt to this new environment and help shape it, employees need to embrace continuous learning. Amid these changes, HR needs to not think, act, or be like traditional HR; they need to understand their job is now “human transformation”. In this issue, we will focus on what HR leaders and organizations need to consider today to prepare for tomorrow.

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