Article: Tweetchat on challenges in HIPO development: Maneuvering the Potholes

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Tweetchat on challenges in HIPO development: Maneuvering the Potholes


HIPOs are indeed talent of the future, with the change in business landscape there is need for assertive leadership. Therefore, identifying and nurturing HIPOS is crucial. Here is the insightful Tweetchat on HIPOs.
Tweetchat on challenges in HIPO development: Maneuvering the Potholes

Companies are striving today to build competencies through leadership development programs. Hi-PO programs are one such key initiative taken up by companies to inbuilt future leaders and fulfil future talent gaps. 

As per the CEB research, published in People Matters- HIPOs are 91% more valuable than non-HIPOs. Hi-Po has long been a buzzword in the HR community, but it seems like we are still struggling with the most basic challenges of identifying Hi-Po employees, and designing Hi-Po Development Programs.

Focusing on challenges in HIPO development, People Matters organized a tweetchat which witnessed a potpourri of thoughts and ideas from varied professionals in the HR world. Take a look at the tweets below to get an idea of the enriching session.

Q.1 What have been some motivators for the organization to design and implement a HiPo Program?

HIPO week

Q2. How successful are organizations in meeting the objectives of HIPO Programs?


 Q3. What are the some of the common challenges that HIPO programs face today?


Q4. How do organizations mitigate the challenges faced?


Q5. Where is it that most of the organizations go wrong in their HIPO programs?


Q6. What are some common practices that great HIPO Programs follow, which could be adopted? What are some of the practices that could be avoided?

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