Article: The importance of sports and wellness, for a perfect work-life balance

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The importance of sports and wellness, for a perfect work-life balance

Organizations often forget that their employees are their customers ‘first’ and in their wellbeing, lies the wellbeing of the organization.
The importance of sports and wellness, for a perfect work-life balance

Living in a fast-paced world can be exhilarating especially with the increasing pressure to be successful. Dealing with the daily hustle and stress levels can make employees all over the world neglect important aspects of their life, especially their health. Maintaining long work hours, chasing deadlines, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of physical exercise invariably leads to poor health patterns that results in low productivity. 

In such situations, one often seeks an ideal workplace which fosters a supportive setting and encourages a healthy work-life balance. A vigorous mind can function faster and deliver quality work. This can be best achieved by incorporating sports as a vital part of life.

Organizations often forget that their employees are their customers ‘first’ and in their wellbeing, lies the wellbeing of the organization. 

Keeping this in mind, corporations must take the first steps of offering the right ambience for their employees and secure their welfare by providing the requisite hygiene, right infrastructure, health & wellness privileges, recognition programs and growth prospects. The ideal workplace is one which introduces healthy work-place policies and promotes a fit lifestyle by encouraging participation in sports activities.   

Sports offers a sturdy platform to practice discipline and maintain strong relationships among colleagues. Playing any kind of sport teaches one how to assess situations, delegate and make the right decisions. It additionally helps hone one’s management skills and creates team building characteristics. 

In lieu of this, companies can implement wellness programs for their employees and ensure that they are well taken care of. The workplace is a mix of outgoing and diffident individuals and everyone’s privacy must be respected. For those who are reluctant to share their health issues, an anonymous online survey can be set up enquiring about the health and social patterns of employees. Their health can be monitored and they can be assisted by the company as and when required.   

Here are a few quirky ways by which organizations can create an environment that caters to work as well as health:

  • Work from parks: A soothing surrounding lets one escape the noise to focus better. Allowing employees to work from public parks or gardens can motivate them to put in more energy and help them cope up with stress while enjoying their job.
  • Eco-friendly ways to get to work: One of the best ways to have a greener and healthier commute to work is to either walk or cycle. This simple exercise allows one to incorporate a feeling of delight in their daily routine along with a boost of energy to kick start their day. Companies can create an activity in which employees living in the same locality can come walking or cycling to work, together. The staff can collectively select a day and coordinate accordingly.
  • Bring your pet to work: Employees working or traveling for long hours often aren’t able to give much attention to their pets. This gets heavy on their wallets as they have to depend on animal day care services. A pet-friendly workplace creates a positive and lively atmosphere. These furry beings can also deliver an opportunity for different departments to communicate and collaborate with each other.
  • Organize potlucks:  A potluck is an occasion in which people bring food and share it with each other. This is a fun activity that helps employees to connect and bond over food.
  • Laughter therapy: Laughter is the best medicine to combat any kind of anxiety as this exercise unleashes stress-busting endorphins which make people happier. A 10-minute laughter session in the morning can help employees rejuvenate and enhance their confidence. The simplest actions can have massive impacts.
  • In house hobby clubs: Companies can form in house clubs based on common interests. There can be various groups such as cultural, book reading, cycling, trekking and running. This helps in creating an interactive environment which enables the staff to break from the monotony of their daily work.
  • Workshops: It is essential to conduct training programs in an organization as this helps employees to work on their weaknesses. The company’s senior management can host workshops where they can impart knowledge on their areas of expertise. Corporates can also organize fun activity workshops such as origami, creative writing, pottery, painting, photography, knitting, food carving, cooking and many more.
  • Indoor games: A fun work environment is a fine blend of formal and informal activities. Offices can dedicate a small area for a games room which people can visit to de-stress. One can utilize the room to play games like carom, cards, chess and other indoor games. Companies with higher budgets can install play stations, foosball arenas, table tennis and pool tables.
  • 80/20 rule: The 80/20 rule here can be used as an innovative method to encourage employees to take on personal challenges. An employee can allocate 20% of their time at the office on projects that are not work-related. They can divide their time accordingly and complete their tasks within the stipulated deadlines.

Employees working in blissful work environments unvaryingly lead pleasant personal lives. They are free from the shackles of the vicious competition and are able to eliminate stress from their lives. It becomes habitual for them to reserve time for their family, friends and themselves. An employee with a calm mind can make any place, work or home, more vibrant and lively, the effect of which helps produce incredibly progressive results.

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