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5 HR strategies you should learn from Netflix

Popular internet streaming company, Netflix, has been in the news for being amazingly humane to its employees. People by and large measure the success of an HR strategy from the success of the organization as a whole.
5 HR strategies you should learn from Netflix

It’s no matter of wonderment that Netflix’s success compels people to take a note of the functioning of the company. Netflix has iteratively practiced experiments with ground-breaking policies to see what helps with employee satisfaction and performance. This refreshing approach of treating employees as opposed to the old draconian rules has helped the organization create a new benchmark in corporate culture. 


From allowing casual wear at work to bringing pets, Netflix has done it all differently. Let’s take a look at the 5 most remarkable strategies which have helped Netflix grow exponentially:

Hiring able employees and weeding out inefficient ones

Organizations which do not understand the basics of hiring suffer. Netflix believes in taking care of managing their employees at the grassroot level by hiring the right people – candidates whose ambitions are aligned with the company’s goals and will serve the interest of organization – takes care of creating an efficient work place. A majority of the companies perennially worry about the small percentage of employees who are not being productive enough or good enough for the companies when the only right way, according to Netflix, to deal with them is to cut them loose and focus on retaining the good employees. It is not always feasible to handpick the desired talent but a hiring strategy that is cautious would help.

Frequent performance assessment

As a ritual, most companies review performance on a monthly, some even yearly. Slackers and under-contributing employees are asked to leave. In an article previously published in Harvard Business Review, McCord, Former Chief Talent Manager with Netflix, made it clear by saying that “no matter how valuable their contributions had once been”. Netflix also provides a hefty severance package to the employees who are discharged from their roles.

Trust employees

Netflix has tried to inculcate a familial attitude amongst its employees and at the same time Netflix also trusts its employees to act in its best interest. The brand understands that trusting is the first step to can only gain it back in return.

Managers are brand leaders and engineers of work culture

The ideal managers at company are the real ones. The ones who encourage growth of an employee as an individual as much as they care about the organization. Netflix’s HR policies encourages managers to set an example of how to create a work-life balance for their team-mates. Be it taking a long paid leave or playing games at work. The managers promote it all in well balance for their team by doing it themselves.

Promoting co-operative behavior

Netfix does not indulge in employee rating by placing them in list of high-performing or underperforming employees. They prefer it if their employees stayed self-motivated to be in the top best talent on a global level.

All in all, I think Netflix’s has been successful with its refreshing approach to Human Resources. The key take-away for others here is definitely to get rid of the outdated strategies which fail to provide results.  

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