Blog: Click, Click! & click with your employees


Click, Click! & click with your employees

Photos are memories that stir emotions and strong emotions can inspire people
Click, Click! & click with your employees

Photography is the biggest tool to connect with people. In today’s guerrilla HR idea, I am going to discuss about how to use photography to connect, motivate and inspire employees

We have seen through blogs like humans of New York etc., how powerful photography can be and how easily one can connect with the other by just clicking a picture or sharing a memory via a photo. Shared memories can convert two strangers into good friends. Photos are memories that stir emotions and strong emotions can inspire people.

This powerful tool, when used in workplace will help in stirring strong emotions and will help in building stronger teams. Few ideas to use photography at workplace

  1. Put photos of the entire team with their dreams on a wall
  2. Click pictures of employees working and make a collage of the same and put it on a wall ( Helps in increased conversations between different teams )
  3. Display childhood pictures of employees to remind them of their childhood and infuse the same excitement and passion they had as kids.
  4. Display a book of photos of employees and a line that defines them.

Photography is a medium that can connect people on different levels of emotion and bring about a change. It is much more than just clicking selfies and putting up pictures on Facebook. If used in the right manner, it can bring about a change in behavior, attitude and prove as an inspiration.

Photography is a vast subject and I could go on about how to use it at workplace. However, I leave you with the above thoughts and ideas. Experiment with the ideas mentioned and share your experiences.

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