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Technology enabling HRM transformation

A quick view of some emerging disruptive organisations created by Indian start-ups in the HR Tech space present the range of new possibilities.
Technology enabling HRM transformation

In the first wave of digital, customer facing systems were the first to be revamped followed by supply chains and manufacturing systems. Almost as an afterthought business leaders realised that human resource acquisition, management and retention processes could also be reengineered with the power of digital and could provide motivation and eventually top and bottom line benefits for organisations. 

High competitiveness has made it imperative to be nimble, predict and capture every opportunity and remove all inefficiencies in processes and systems. Rapid proliferation of digital – new user experiences and interfaces, social media, mobility, analytics and cloud computing, extended possibilities like augmented and virtual reality, internet of things and artificial intelligence, access to information and even instantaneous sentiment analysis are helping this agenda. 

HRM leaders looking to transform people experience need to look beyond traditional HR Information Systems, Performance Management Systems and Learning Management Systems to unique distinctive capabilities, leveraging the latest and the best of digital.

A quick view of some emerging disruptive organisations created by Indian start-ups in the HR Tech space present the range of new possibilities. 

A state-of-art talent decision platform powered by Artificial Intelligence simplifying decisions in talent acquisition and workforce optimization to transform an organization’s workforce. The platform incorporates a skills graph which is a neural network of skills, demographics, industries, occupations and courses that has read and analysed over 35 million resumes and 10 million JDs to provide recommendations on talent acquisition.

A ‘predictive people analytics’ startup that has now redefined the rules of employee engagement in over a hundred enterprises across 28 countries. This product has an AI enabled engagement bot that engages with employees and proactively predicts those who are disengaged or about to leave.  

One truly unique company that repositions e-Learning platforms and Learning Management Systems as anachronisms of the past, provides a comprehensive digital learning platform to all employees in the organisation. The employee can start with BOT assisted career planning, explore role options and assess her readiness for each option. She is served with courses to learn, useful videos to watch, and can set off on a skilling journey to prepare for the next role. 

Technology also enables easy employee engagement, with the formation of communities, access to internal and external mentors and coaches and virtually every form of peer-to-peer and organisation wide interactions that enables ongoing learning, career development and excitement in the workplace. The ability to personalise learning approaches, provide adaptive learning using the pedagogy that is most suitable to every individual and extensive use of AI and machine learning to provide just-in-time skills and insights to every employee places a huge responsibility on technology planners to design employee engagement journeys in a manner that maximises productivity in the workplace and eliminates employee dissatisfaction much before it reaches boiling point.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Conversational BOTs, Internet of Things, Mixed reality and Blockchains are slowly enhancing capabilities in every stage of the Attract-Enable-Retain continuum, predicting behavior, assessing readiness at an individual level to HR interventions, using facial, speech and sentiment recognition to develop future engagement possibilities and playing a truly assistive and augmenting role to the HR mission of the organisation. 

Conversational BOTs are making engagement platforms come alive assisting employees through career management learning and community participation and providing real-time feedback well before formal performance appraisal cycles. 

Internet of Things technologies including beacons, sensors and data integration as and when it happens is another true enabler of the real-time people management process.

Mixed reality, primarily augmented and virtual reality has already made its mark in the enhancement of training, on the shop floor as well as office environments and with increasing simulation capabilities enabling modeling of real-time situations, managerial and leadership training is also being transformed. 

Blockchains are helping automate repetitive processes in large multi-location organisations and also validating resume accuracy, preventing recruitment frauds and optimizing the end-to-end HR process. 

In summary, any technology that enables us to produce more, sell faster and serve customers better can find application in managing people expectations in the enterprise. The real challenge for human resource leaders will be to further extend these capabilities to the communities the organisation serves and play their role in the transformation of society and the country. The power has been given to HR to make a true difference – will you rise up to the challenge and win?


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