Blog: How coworking spaces will help you achieve your personal goals in 2020

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How coworking spaces will help you achieve your personal goals in 2020

With coworking spaces enabling enterprises in proactively re-designing workspace plans with effective technology integration to maximize productivity, 2020 will be the right time for making coworking space priority in your list.
How coworking spaces will help you achieve your personal goals in 2020

Coworking spaces are mostly centrally-located, well-connected with all the means of public transport and are easily accessible for everyone, unlike traditional office spaces which are located in one remote corner of the city. As opposed to most traditional workspaces, coworking spaces provide a nurturing work environment for individuals and promote a perfect work-life balance. Apart from flexible and managed workspaces, most of the agile workspace providers offer a huge gamut of amenities like gaming zones, anger management rooms, theatres, and basketball/badminton courts among others for providing people ample means of recreation. Coworking spaces help people meet both their professional and personal goals by uplifting their overall office experience.

Workspace Flexibility:

According to a prominent real-estate survey, about 80% of employees claimed that they are the most productive when they switch places while working. Workspace flexibility has become a priority among most of the working professionals around the globe. Most of the flexible and managed space providers allow ample mobility within the office spaces apart from the dedicated desks and chairs, like standing desks, phone booths, beanbags etc. Coworking spaces have a lot to offer to professionals who don’t restrict to the 9 to 5 working hours, most of the coworking spaces are open 24x7 to ensure maximized working flexibility and ease of operations.

Fitness And Wellbeing:

Everyone is concerned about fitness and healthy living, about 71% of working professionals have admitted to following a strict work-out and fitness regime. Keeping this in mind, most of the coworking spaces have started including sports, fitness and wellness centers within the office premises to provide people the comfort of exercising as per their convenience. Such amenities help in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

Easy Accessibility: 

Whether you work in the set 9 to 5 schedule or you follow your own work timings, your office space should be easily accessible for you to work out of your own schedule. Most coworking space providers have 24x7 operations throughout the year to ensure that people can work according to their convenience anytime within the day. Such flexible work timings help professionals to work according to their comfort and maintain a pragmatic work-life balance. 

Networking Opportunities: 

Nobody likes to work in isolation, working out of a shared office space where you are surrounded with goal-oriented and high-achieving individuals, your productivity maximizes in leaps and bounds. Most of the professionals like to engage in meaningful conversations and brainstorming sessions at work to collaborate and create disruptive solutions to existing business problems. Coworking spaces provide a huge gamut of networking opportunities within the office spaces, opening gateways to inspiration and providing maximized opportunities for collaboration and alliances. 

Tech-Enabled Workspaces: 

Everyone needs a tech-enabled workspace for enhanced productivity and seamless operations. Businesses can eradicate their overheads for connectivity and communications by utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies available in the coworking spaces. Most of the coworking spaces are deploying smart networking pieces of equipment alongside video conferencing facilities, uninterrupted super-fast WiFi, cybersecurity solutions, and enterprise security tools to help professionals flourish in a tech-enabled workspace. 

Work-Life Balance:

Workspaces are a crucial factor in shaping lifestyles. The working millennial of today aspires to achieve a perfect work-life balance, with workspace proximity, a healthy working environment with like-minded people, all additional amenities under one roof. Most of the coworking spaces are coming up with smart solutions like daycare services, laundry services, and grocery services among others for the convenience of the employees.

The world of work is rapidly changing and coworking spaces are continuously innovating and modifying the way we work. With an increased focus on employee well-being and maintaining a perfect work-life balance, coworking spaces are emerging as a convenient one-stop solution for corporates and large enterprises. 

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