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HR Magazine/ 2021/ August

The Rise of Work Tech

The Rise of Work Tech

Disruption. Transformation. Agility, Remote Work: those are some of the words that largely described the world of work in the year 2020. But the fact is all these changes have been happening for a while now well before the pandemic. However, the pace of change and the way several trends came roaring together dramatically was unprecedented. Technologies have been playing a crucial role in keeping us functional amid this crisis. And this has led to a dramatic shift in HR. HR Tech, which was by design meant for the benefit of the employer, has now shifted to work tech which puts employees at the center stage. This issue of our magazine attempts to decode the evolution of the HR and work tech landscape amid this crisis.


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Big Interview

True hybrid working offers the best of both worlds: Jaguar Land Rover’s Dave Williams

Dave Williams, Executive Director, Human Resources, Jaguar Land Rover, shares interesting insights on the current world of work landscape with offices reopening in several countries, what will make ‘hybrid mode’ the future of work, and how the best companies are leading their teams to come out stronger on the other side of the pandemic.


 Feature Story

Holding on to the good parts of the pandemic era: Flexibility, Wellness & Inclusion

The flexibility of work, a focus on employee wellness, and the presence of inclusive talent policies will play a critical role in attracting and retaining talent over the next year.


 Rapid-Fire Interview

Kara Gruver – Partner and Chief Talent Officer, Bain

Be prepared for uncertainty. This pandemic has forced me to realize that honestly, the best plans are those that incorporate the flexibility to adapt to change and be prepared for uncertainty, shares Kara.


Expert Column

Organizational culture cannot be static: Elizebeth Varghese, Global Leader, IBM’s Talent & HR Strategy Reinvention

Changing your culture is not a one-time event that involves an employee survey or a new foosball table in the break room. Culture change must be a deliberate effort to redefine how people think, feel, and act to drive business success, says Elizebeth.


 Lead Feature

Solidify inclusion efforts with inclusive managers

People Managers play a pivotal role in making LGBTQ+ inclusion at the workplace a reality. We spoke to industry leaders and employees, and here is what they have to say about the role of people managers in reinforcing the inclusion agenda.



Organizations with agile leaders at the helm will continue to thrive: Ruchira Chaudhary

Effective leaders can build the foundations for digital capability by involving everyone in the change and encouraging a growth mindset, says Ruchira Chaudhary, Author, Leadership Coach, and Founder - TrueNorth Consulting.


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