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HR Magazine/ 2021/ November

Well-Being By Design

Well-Being By Design

The new reality of the world of work has brought forth an acute awareness of health and well-being, calling on corporations to devise innovative ways to integrate employee well-being into the flow of work to help their staff perform optimally. There is a clear opportunity for companies to leverage workplace design to nurture holistic well-being for people at work. But, how do you incorporate design features and amenities to prompt well-being and how do you embed it at ‘Work By Design’? The cover story of this issue throws light on the wider spectrum of well-being at work.


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Katrina Symons, Head of Human Resources, Future of Work, Asia Pacific, Johnson and Johnson

Our opportunities lie in macroeconomic developments, advancing innovations in healthcare, and evolving business practices, says Katrina Symons.

Big Interview

Take advantage of the biggest reframing moments for careers and work in our lifetime: Jeff Schwartz

We need to ensure our employees do things they uniquely do as humans and allow machines to do work that machines do well, says Deloitte's Future of Work leader in an exclusive interaction with us.


A critical moment for leaders to make conscious efforts to tackle employee ‘burnout’: CHRO, InMobi Group

Leaders should strive to become a pillar of support for their employees to whom they can turn in times of crisis, says Sahil Mathur, CHRO, InMobi Group.

Cover Story

The art and science of creating a climate for well-being

Research on human capital in the workplace has highlighted the linkages between employee sentiment and company performance as well as turnover, absenteeism and overall labour costs, says Richard Smith, PhD.

Special Feature Story

The evolving employee benefits landscape

Gone are the days when a hefty salary and a couple of weeks of paid time off were enough to attract and retain talent. Emerging from the pandemic, employees want more meaningful and more holistic benefits.

Special Interview

Leaders who incorporate ‘resilience’ as a design element will experience greater success: President & CHRO - Wipro

And organisations that focus on employee well-being and push the meter on employee experience will be successful ones, says Saurabh Govil, President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Wipro.



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