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HR Magazine/ 2022/ March

The Evolution of Diversity

The Evolution of Diversity

Balancing representation and eliminating workplace bias was the first step. Now, the thinking around diversity, equity, and inclusion has advanced to encompass the idea that people's individual challenges are not just personal idiosyncrasies. Instead, it's something that the organisation has a stake in overcoming and a responsibility to support employees through.

In this month's issue, we look at how organisations' view of and approach to diversity has evolved into today's wider and more sophisticated scope. We hear from Sarah Knibbs, the Officer-in-Charge for UN Women Asia and the Pacific, who has worked to drive DE&I efforts across the region for over two decades; from senior diversity leaders of huge companies, such as Silke Muenster, Chief Diversity Officer of Philip Morris International, and Lauren Guthrie, VP of Global Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action at VF Corporation. We also bring stories from senior leaders who are role models of how to #BreakTheBias within industries and within careers.

DE&I is a never-ending journey, because human diversity itself never stops evolving and our capacity for equitability and inclusion must keep up. Let's continue staying current.

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Big Interview

Diversity does not automatically translate into inclusion

If DEI impact is to be sustainable, it must go beyond the workplace and into the marketplace. Sarah Knibbs, Officer-in-Charge for UN Women Asia and the Pacific, talks about how to step away from tokenism and into real change.


Cover Story

From implementing programmes to creating systemic change: The evolution of DE&I

Companies' DE&I strategies have been evolving rapidly in recent years. Lauren Guthrie, VF Corporation's global head of inclusion, diversity, equity and action, explains why going from a programmatic to a systematic approach is the natural next step in diversity and inclusion.



What makes women better leaders in a crisis?

Nimisha Rana Pathak, the HR country head for global professional services firm Alvarez and Marsal in India, says that centuries of resisting domination and combating prejudices have imbued women with immense grit and tenacity – making them extra suited for crisis management.



Driving diversity and inclusion: Role of Chairs and CEOs

The business case for D&I is powerful, but just the start. It needs committed leadership to catalyse real change in organisational, managerial, and individual behaviour, explains HR futurist Kate Barker.


Rapid Fire

Lynne Scheid, SVP Human Resources, Kofax

Talent management isn’t the sole responsibility of HR; managers also play a very important role. Employees leave managers, not jobs.


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