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HR Magazine/ 2022/ May

A new take on Employee Empowerment

A new take on Employee Empowerment

Today, people strategy is all about meeting the needs and demands of the workforce – not only current employees, but candidates for much-needed roles. This power shift arises from the skills and labour shortage in the wake of the pandemic, and it's seen organisations rethinking and readjusting their approach to every aspect of the employer-employee relationship.

This month, we look at some ways in which the power shift has manifested and how employers are responding to make themselves more attractive to now-scarce talent. We hear from futurist Ravin Jesuthasan, Global Leader for Transformation Services at Mercer, and Nick Lynn, Senior Director of Employee Experience Consulting at Willis Towers Watson; from Bentley de Beyer, Global Head Human Capital, Goldman Sachs, and Shruti Tandon, Director of People Enablement, Nagarro. We gather the observations of industry experts and leaders who have been up close with the changes in the work environment.

Employee needs and expectations today carry so much more weight in strategy than before; it's an entire ongoing journey to adapt and reshape the way things are done.

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Big Interview

Work Without Jobs

Ravin Jesuthasan, Global Leader for Transformation Services at Mercer, explains why organisations need to deconstruct jobs into their component parts in order to combine talent, automation, and work in the most optimal ways.


Cover Story

Recruitment in a time of mounting labour shortages

With fewer suitable candidates in the labour market and higher expectations from jobseekers, organisations have had to urgently step up their processes in order to make themselves more attractive to talent – a reversal of the previous employer-jobseeker relationship.



Stay ahead of the trends to discover possibilities

Digital transformation comes hand in hand with disruption, and leaders need to reinvent themselves in order to bring their teams through change. Marietta Harvey, Global Head of Employee Experience at Enquero, talks about how to encourage innovation.



The algorithm that powers your employee value proposition

Can something as complex as an organisation's EVP be quantified in easily implemented terms? Nalin Miglani, Chief Human Resource Officer at EXL Service Holdings Inc., suggests a formula to remember.


Rapid Fire

Marjet Andriesse, General Manager of Red Hat, APAC

What characterises the post-pandemic technology landscape, and what are the challenges to look out for?



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