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HR Magazine/ 2022/ June

Work Tech After The Pandemic

Work Tech After The Pandemic

We've fast-tracked our digitalisation and our IT infrastructure to enable large-scale remote work. We've invested in a huge range of tools, functions, and solutions. We're scrambling for tech talent to match our tech acceleration. And now that things are slowly returning to normal, what's the next step?

This month, we look at how organisations are adjusting their tech strategies to re-adapt to the post-pandemic environment and what has changed – or remained the same. We hear from renowned business leader Shiv Shivakumar, currently Group Executive President, Corporate Strategy at Aditya Birla Group; from HR leaders including Priyanka Anand, Head of HR for Ericsson in SEA, Oceania, and India, and Ester Maria Loidl, CHRO of Freudenberg Group; we bring in the perspectives of tech companies and solution providers that have observed and navigated the market changes of the last two years.

It's not quite a new era of tech, but it is a jump into the future: time for the rest of the organisational strategy to catch up.

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Big Interview

The kind of leadership today's world needs

Shiv Shivakumar, one of Among India's most celebrated – and cerebral – business leaders, discusses the art of management and the kind of leaders, and leadership styles, that will pave the way into the future.


Cover Story

Tech at work today: what's on organisations' priority list

The way organisations digitalise is changing. It's no longer about nice-to-haves or keeping up with the Joneses; instead, the current uncertainty has led to a much more strategic approach.



Changemaker: Bringing the workplace culture forward

Jasmmine Wong has spent the last five years reshaping the culture of her company to be more attractive to today's younger talent. In an exclusive interaction, she tells People Matters about what it's taken so far, and how the journey should progress.



Tackle hi-tech talent development differently

Everyone is fretting over tech talent today. But it's not just the engineers who are in demand, especially in advanced product fields. Dr M. Muneer, Chief Evangelist at the non-profit Medici Institute, suggests how to develop sales talent for the tech field.


Rapid Fire

Poo-Jiuan Eng, Senior Vice-President of HR, APAC, Schaeffler

Experience management will be critical to business success; organisations that offer great employee experience beyond just compensation will attract the best talent.



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