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HR Magazine/ 2022/ August

What will the future of work look like?

What will the future of work look like?

From changes to the physical office, to digitalisation-driven technological upgrades that completely change work processes, to working arrangements and the leadership styles that are the best fit. The future of work isn't just something to speculate about, it's here and it is driven by what we do today.

In this issue of People Matters Digital Magazine, we showcase how organisations are moving forward in response to changes in the world of work. We hear from deeply experienced leaders such as Brandi Morandi, Global CHRO and Chief Legal Officer of Equinix, Kristin Trecker, CHRO of Visteon, and Stephen Bovis of Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the South Pacific. We look at what businesses and their leadership are doing today, in recognition of the fact that these will be the norms of tomorrow.

What initiatives and processes have you put in place today that will form the foundations of the future of work?

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Big Interview

Leaders ought to accept they don't have all the answers

Brandi Morandi, Global CHRO and Chief Legal Officer of Equinix, describes a roadmap for HR to become the centre of business transformation and the accelerator of business.


Cover Story

Technology, automation, and the metaverse will build new careers

Disruptive automation alongside a host of next-reality skills and an innovative approach will sett the tone for the future of work across the globe, and everything to do with the world of work will undergo massive transformation.



Five pragmatic mantras to improve workplace judgement

This August, we brought you TechHR India and Singapore, the region's largest people and work conference. Among our most popular sessions was a keynote by Nobel laureate Professor Daniel Kahneman on how to avoid errors of judgement.



Smart lessons from a CEO’s career

Advancing one's career is a combination of knowing what you don't want, facing the worst that can happen, being proactive to change, and more. Rita McGrath and M Muneer use the career of Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John to illustrate how one can take the leap.


Rapid Fire

Sidharth Malik, Chief Executive Officer at CleverTap

Hybrid models help in increasing productivity, making employees more efficient and delivering better and faster results



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