News: L&T Metro Rail story on employee-centric HR technology

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L&T Metro Rail story on employee-centric HR technology

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Know how L&T Metro Rail aspired to bring in HR transformation by moving away from archaic on-premise solutions to a cost-efficient and modern HR technology.
L&T Metro Rail story on employee-centric HR technology

Larsen & Toubro Ltd incorporated a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) - L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited (‘The Company’) to implement the Hyderabad Metro Rail project on Design, Built, Finance Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis. The Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is the World's Largest Public-Private Partnership Project (PPP) in the Metro Sector. 

L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited brings together 'best in class' resources and technology in every aspect of the project - Stations, Rolling Stock, Track Work, Depots, Signalling and Train Control System. As an organisation, the technology they are bringing to play in internal processes is exemplary. 

HR Tech Vision:

LTMRHL’s vision was to have a centralised, simple and functionally deep HCM system that can manage their diverse workforce, and at the same time handle various complexities of Metro Rail Operations and Maintenance with ease for their O&M Partner - KHMRTS. They aspired to bring in HR transformation by moving away from archaic on-premise solutions to a cost-efficient, modern, cloud-based HR technology that can meet the growing needs of the organisation with employees as their central focus.

The need of the hour was to technologically be in a position of strength to handle a large workforce comprising approximately 1200 employees of LTMRHL’s O&M Partner KHMRTS, with a diverse mix of employee types across multiple shifts round the clock. In addition to this, have the ability to manage the entire employee lifecycle (hire to retire) both on the web and mobile without the need for spending a lot of time and effort on implementation and ensuring instant employee adoption.

Pre-implementation Scenario: 

Prior to Darwinbox, LTMRHL was using an on-premise HCM for their O&M Partner - KHMRTS by a Global ERP provider. However, the cost to benefit ratio was disproportionate due to little adoption and adherence to processes. There were multiple incoherent systems at work with critical processes like Recruitment, PMS etc. being done manually, thereby, consuming a lot of time and effort without the ability to track and measure effectively. There was a strong need for value-added insights and process reimagination. LT MRHL wanted to move away from the notion that HR is a transaction partner to a more focused strategic contributor. As part of the transformation, they wanted to bring all facets of HR like recruitment, onboarding, leaves and attendance, performance on one platform, and encourage seamless adoption across the organisation, thereby giving a proportional ROI.

Why Darwinbox?

Darwinbox emerged as the preferred HCM partner of choice for a constellation of reasons, like:

  • Highly Intuitive & Mobile-first Approach: which solved for adoption challenges and usability

  • Configurability: Configurable to the last mile ensuring O&M policies and processes are thoroughly mapped

  • Single Source of Truth: The one-stop-shop for all employee lifecycle needs without the need to invest and work on multiple systems

  • Implementation: and support expertise of the team owing to their rich HR consulting background

  • ROI: realised in terms of cost, time saved, less effort and accurate results

Furthermore, LTMRHL won the ‘Dynamic CIO Smart Innovator Award 2019’  after implementing Darwinbox.


LTMRHL being a very SLA (Service Level Agreement) sensitive organisation, the workforce of the O&M Partner - KHMRTS is expected to be effective 24*7 for the smooth running of the metro operations and adhering to the KPI signed and agreed with Govt. of Telangana as per the Concession Agreement. Thus, with the complete digitisation of HR functions, and minimising manual interventions, the commitment of service was achieved.

The complete implementation of the cloud-based HRMS in L&T for their O&M Partner - KHMRTS was completed in 45 days for approximately 1200+ employees which is a record by itself. The highly complicated shift management system was configured for more than 140 different shifts across 68 locations. The new-age attendance system that marks the presence of an employee through geofencing and facial recognition has been activated for the first time ever in a metro sector across the country.  

A complete online cloud-based solution from sourcing to separation with a detailed Learning Management System was live and accessible for employees in 45 days. 


Reduced Errors & Manual Interventions: With the new geofencing and facial-recognition based system, attendance adjustment requests reduced by more than 50%, and O&M Partner - KHMRTS were able to achieve 100% SLA adherence. 

HR & IT Team Bandwidth Saved: With fully digitalised HR processes and daily operations, they were able to save team bandwidth for more strategic initiatives. L&T’s O&M Partner - KHMRTS was successful in saving 30 man days per month through digitisation. 

Reduced Costs: Migrating to Darwinbox helped LTMRHL save on the one-time acquisition cost of the previous Global ERP provider’s licenses, the recurring yearly subscription cost which is 22% of the acquisition cost along with the cost of the HR consultant required to maintain them. 

Speed & Efficiency: Earlier biometric devices took between an hour to a day to synchronise attendance to the central system. With the new mobile-based leave & attendance system, supervisors are able to get visibility to attendance data in real-time (few seconds) and plan for back-up when employees are absent. 

100% Technology Adoption: For the first time ever across all the projects implemented in the organisation, this initiative has seen 100% technology adoption and that also on the mobile device. 

Simplified and Enabled Complex Business Use Cases: Through a highly flexible and configurable system, O&M Partner managed 140 unique shifts (24*7) for 68 different locations. They also enabled rotational supervisory allocation where a supervisor can mark his/her attendance from any one of the allocated locations in his roster.


“Agility and accuracy at scale being in L&T’s DNA, LTMRHL needed a new-age, domain-specific HR technology with exactly this philosophy. Darwinbox helped LTMRHL become nimble and bring a fresh perspective to the O&M HR processes. Moving to Darwinbox opened up our HR bandwidth by 30 man days per month which is now being used to make strategic decisions. As we look back in retrospect, Darwinbox was definitely a good proposition. Flexible, intuitive and output-driven - were the 3 reasons why our search for the perfect HRMS stopped at Darwinbox.”

- Anirban Sinha, Head of IT, L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd.


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