News: LabourNet generates employment through livelihood centers

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LabourNet generates employment through livelihood centers

LabourNet, a social enterprise through its livelihood centers helps in generation of income by creating new avenues
LabourNet generates employment through livelihood centers

Livelihood centers by LabourNet, a social enterprise, helps in creating sustainable livelihoods by raising the standard of living through increased wages. The program helps in income supplementation, new income generation, and the creation of new avenues for generating income. Besides providing holistic and flexible learning solutions, it facilitates self, group and wage employment. The livelihood centers will help in boosting the economy by creating a more employable workforce. 

LabourNet is not just working towards skilling, but focuses on the holistic generation of livelihoods through the three Es—Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employment. It helps in generating employment and entrepreneurship, thereby reducing migration from villages to cities.

LabourNet helps in providing on-site training including contract and full-time workers, upskilling by providing industry certifications. It also assists in setting up of multi-skill ITIs and is working towards revolutionizing the existing ones through PPP model. Along with this, they train the corporate workforce in areas of skilled manpower, productivity, market penetration and behavior changes. 

Small-scale entrepreneurship plays a vital role in a developing country like India not just providing livelihood but also by employing more people through education and skill development. Thereby, improving socio – economic status across, leading to holistic sustainable development. 


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