Video: Saaki, Argus and Averil Consulting wins the Search and Staffing Talent Engagement Award

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Saaki, Argus and Averil Consulting wins the Search and Staffing Talent Engagement Award

Learn more about how LinkedIn empowered Saaki, Argus and Averil Consulting to engage, connect and nurture talent in a meaningful way.


The widening skills gap is putting a lot of pressure on organisations to hire right and do so with the shortest possible turnaround time. But executing seamless hiring is easier said than done. For starters, straightforward access to leadership and niche profiles can be extremely tricky to come by. Saaki, Argus and Averil Consulting, which focuses on niche hiring and provides executive search services, was facing trouble getting access to the right kind of profiles for them to work efficiently. 

LinkedIn Talent Solutions provided the company with the opportunity to not only network with but also connect with the right industry leaders. As a winner of the “Search and Staffing Engagement” category for “51-200 employees”, Padmaja Prasanth, Recruitment Consultant at Saaki, Argus and Averil Consulting, talks about how LinkedIn Talent Solutions: 

  • Increased efficiency of the hiring process, most notably a decrease in turnaround time
  • Helped them tap into both national as well as international talent pool
  • Most helpful features of the product for eg the company industry and title search
  • Increased ability to match talent to client requirements

And more! Watch this video to know more about the impact of LinkedIn Talent Solutions on the world of hiring. 

LinkedIn Talent Awards is a data-driven recognition awarded by LinkedIn to companies based on their utilisation of LinkedIn Talent Solutions and activities on the LinkedIn platform. The 2022 edition recognises the companies leading the future of work by demonstrating remarkable adaptability, innovation and creativity throughout one of the most challenging years for talent.

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