Video: VBeyond Corporation becomes the Search and Staffing Engagement Talent Award Finalist

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VBeyond Corporation becomes the Search and Staffing Engagement Talent Award Finalist

Learn more about how LinkedIn empowered VBeyond Corporation to engage, connect and nurture talent in a meaningful way.


As organisations go global, moving beyond the restrictions of geography, it is natural that they need access to a wider, international talent pool as well. “We have been using RPS licenses for wider outreach to the talent pool. We have been using chalkboards for publishing confidential as well as recognisable postings that help attract a wider talent pool,” said Sandeep Mitra, Co-founder, VBeyond Corporation

From utilising Sales Navigator for outreach to prospects to LinkedIn Talent Insight for performing a talent-mapping exercise, LinkedIn Talent Solutions has aided VBeyond Corporation in: 

  • Reaching out to the talent pool at a global level 
  • Tapping into the all-important passive talent 
  • Understanding the nuances of the market through well-researched insights 
  • Focusing on taking a collaborative and efficient approach to hiring 

As a finalist of the “Search and Staffing Engagement” category for “51-200 employees”, LinkedIn Talent Solutions has positively impacted executive search in VBeyond Corporation, becoming the go-to platform when hiring for senior leadership. 

LinkedIn Talent Awards is a data-driven recognition awarded by LinkedIn to companies based on their utilisation of LinkedIn Talent Solutions and activities on the LinkedIn platform. The 2022 edition recognises the companies leading the future of work by demonstrating remarkable adaptability, innovation and creativity throughout one of the most challenging years for talent.

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