Article: A two way communication: Anil Khanna

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A two way communication: Anil Khanna

Anil Khanna, Managing Director, Blue Dart Express Ltd

No service experience is complete without the efforts of the people that deliver the experience. For a high quality organization to succeed, it is important to focus on people, on improved processes, systems and infrastructure, and on a clear two way communication.

Blue Dart is a ‘people first’ company and our employees are our greatest asset. Despite high attrition levels in today’s ultra-competitive world, Blue Dart still has Day 1 employees who come to work with the same enthusiasm, dedication and commitment they displayed 28 years ago.

While people remain on top of our agenda, today there is greater focus on enhancing/maintaining motivation, developing leadership pipeline and succession planning. As a Managing Director of a dynamic organization, my role is to ensure connectivity to all employees through regular town halls that allow me to directly interact with my people.

My role in people related activities is reflected in the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS), programs to assess employee satisfaction levels across functions and units, which take place every year. My time investment on people is critical to create the ‘pride for working for Blue Dart’, which has emerged as the highest scoring parameter, followed by ‘job secure with good performance’.

There is definitely a huge difference made to the workforce when the MD is involved in employee related activities. This involvement translates into a motivated workforce. Recruiting people for the right role, internal growth and cross-functional movements are a critical part of my role as MD.

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