Article: Consulting is more execution-oriented than advisory: Nishchae Suri

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Consulting is more execution-oriented than advisory: Nishchae Suri

Nishchae Suri, MD, Mercer Consulting, India
Consulting is more execution-oriented than advisory: Nishchae Suri

With time, the nature of consulting in India has undergone a shift from being advisory in nature to being more execution-oriented. The expectation from both, the client and the consultant side, is to see a product or service right through implementation and see it deliver the results that were expected. The implementation support model also allows the relationship between a client and consultant to become more collaborative and conducive to longer-term partnerships rather than fostering a transaction-driven culture. Given the increased complexities and demanding business imperatives, these partnerships help improve the solution design capabilities of the consulting firm while providing a more compelling ROI on consulting services to the client.

This change could have been driven by various factors. One that companies may have been victims to fancy design work or recommendation which was difficult for them to implement. Secondly, companies have realized that they need more capability in internal resources on implementation. Thirdly, they want to see more discernible ROI tied to project success measures. These reasons notwithstanding, allows everyone in the ecosystem to raise the bar, in turn resulting in a win-win situation for all.

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