Article: Meaning of work will define employee retention

Strategic HR

Meaning of work will define employee retention

Pankaj Bansal, National Secretary NHRDN, Co-Founder & CEO, PeopleStrong

Meaning of work will define employee retention


In my opinion, high levels of employee engagement do not necessarily translate into low attrition. The key driver for employee retention going forward would be the way the work is defined for them. And as Charles Handy once professed, “World will look at work within various levels,” meaning of work shall define retention. Even today, companies like Bharti Airtel have outsourced large part of its non-core functions to better manage its business. Outsourcing will make meaning of work more relevant for employees as it will make them concentrate and involve in the core business activities with non-core ones being outsourced. In the next orbit, employees will assume the role of ‘volunteers’ and salaries will be based on delivery of work / output. 

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