Article: Time to re-invent and broaden horizons: Snehil Gambhir


Time to re-invent and broaden horizons: Snehil Gambhir

One should also look at taking the help of analytics to understand Gen Y employees. This will help HR professionals attract the right talent

Time to re-invent and broaden horizons

Human Resource plays a significant role in contributing to and facilitating the achievement of the strategic business goals of the company. The responsibilities of an HR professional include strengthening the organization’s capabilities, building a dynamic, vibrant and meritocratic culture as well as instilling a sense of ownership and accountability in all the employees.

With technology making life more and more commoditized, the key skill that every HR professional must have is to develop and enhance the way we manage ourselves, our teams and people at large.

There requires a re-orientation in the traditional role of HR in the corporate world. In order to demonstrate a meaningful contribution to the organization at all times, HR must do more of some things and do less of others. From focus on recruitment and operational activities, HR professionals now need to broaden their horizons and lay more emphasis on attracting and retaining talent.

The first step is to do away with functions which are largely operational in nature like tracking and managing payroll, benefits and attendance. Such roles can be easily outsourced. With the advancement in technology, roles like managing the IT platform for HRMS (human resource management system) and compliance related issues can also be automated.

What HR professionals need to focus more on is employee engagement. They should work towards building a performance culture, and think of ways to attract talent and retain employees. One should also look at taking the help of analytics to understand Gen Y employees. This will help HR professionals attract the right talent.

Employer brand building using the social network platform is another area where HR can work more on. Employee branding is one of the key focus areas of any human resource department in the industry today. At Aviva, we simply believe that employee branding is the process of embedding an image of a "great place to work" in the minds of existing and potential employees. This image that is lived by people day in and out makes the customers and employees want to continue to associate with the company because of its ethics, values, management style and culture.

HR professionals also need to find out ways to increase the productivity of their employees and build leaders within the organization.

As organizations invest more and more in learning and/or engagement programs, it is important to make employees aware of all such activities through channels of internal communications. This is an integral part of an HR professional’s role.

Thus, by reducing some of its administrative functions and taking on more of employee initiatives, HR can prove itself to be a real strategic contributor to business.

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