Article: Intense competition for product companies: Balaji Ganesh

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Intense competition for product companies: Balaji Ganesh

Balaji Ganesh, CEO, Adrenalin eSystems
Intense competition for product companies: Balaji Ganesh

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The adoption of technology today by companies in India is much higher; there are more takers for trying new things in the space of human capital management automation. The evolution is clearly happening, before organizations use to focus on ROI, today it is more of a necessity, so the question on return on investment is not the only driver for investments in technology. Additionally, companies are more open to the idea of cloud than ever before, making adoption of technology easier and faster.

There are many more players looking at this space, from the global ERP giants, that are investing is building capabilities in this specialized space either organically or inorganically, to the local product companies.

The opportunities in the space will be in cloud. The focus will continue to be on creating efficiencies at the talent level, especially in performance management. For product companies, clearly the competition will become more and more intense as the adoption and readiness of technology investment grows, which will put pressure on costs for all players in the space.

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