Article: It is the Organizational Shadow that makes transformations fail


It is the Organizational Shadow that makes transformations fail

It is not unusual for organizations to come up with words such as lack of innovation, technological failure etc. as the reasons for the failure. What organizations fail to realize is that it is the negative hidden feelings and emotions of the people that cause failure
It is the Organizational Shadow that makes transformations fail
“Madness is the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups” - Nietzche Group dynamics have always fascinated me. What makes teams tick? Why do people behave differently in groups, changing their entire individual persona? What are those group dynamics that trigger responses completely divergent to one’s normal individual behavioral patterns or beliefs? Eminent psychologists like Kurt Lewin and Elton Mayo were the pioneers of social and organizational psychology. Mayo’s work formed the building blocks for the human relations movement; researchers in this discipline studied the behavior of people in groups — often at the workplace — and sowed the seeds for what is today the field of Human Resource Management.  Every organization has a formal organizational structure that is evident in the form of levels, hierarchy, designations, physical setting, etc. Organizations often talk about their values and great working environment as their streng...
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Topics: C-Suite, HR Technology, #BusinessTransformation

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