Article: Today, focus is on building engagement, brand ownership: Rajit Mehta


Today, focus is on building engagement, brand ownership: Rajit Mehta

In conversation with Rajit Mehta, Executive Director & COO, Max New York Life Insurance Co.

Today the focus is shifting towards building engagement and fostering brand ownership among employees that will impact the company's future


The insurance sector has undergone tremendous change due to the sudden regulatory changes and hence is looking at re-inventing itself. The HR priorities for MNYL are aligned to this new requirement and seek to address the following four pertinent questions. Firstly, how do we inspire and help people focus their energies working towards a common goal; secondly, how do we enable a collaborative and enabling environment for people to succeed; thirdly, how do we ensure a healthy talent pipeline for the business to grow; and fourthly, how do we maintain and enhance productivity as we grow. Along with these priorities, we also focus our attention on how we can build a holistic employee value proposition that will enable us to attract and retain talent considering the requirements of the new generations.

Three years back, the focus was on hiring, training, and compensating people. Today, we are shifting towards building engagement, fostering ownership of the brand across all employees and creating an environment of opportunities for our employees to impact the company’s future while impacting the development of the society they live in.

As COO, I spend around 40% of my time on talent and talent-related activities. This time is dedicated to few areas such as looking at the organizational design in line with the business strategy and an appropriate structure for collaboration and performance; identifying competencies and behaviors required in those structures and hence understanding the current and future capability gaps and creating a plan for developing those capabilities; and helping people tap into their potential by mentoring and coaching them. My goals are aligned to these priorities. Talent goals that factor on my scorecard include employee engagement, retention and development of talent.

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