Article: Three key transformations in the HR world


Three key transformations in the HR world

Leaders are now placing their bets on their HR team to carry forward their company vision
Three key transformations in the HR world

Just like every domain, the human resource is going through a transformation in every possible manner. In the recent decades, HR transformation has moved from a functional to a strategic role. Leaders are now placing their bets on their HR team to carry forward their company vision. Shanmugh Natarajan, Managing Director & Vice President, Products, Adobe highlighted this change by talking about how his organization has been bringing in the change in every sector. He believes organization structure itself has to be changed every couple of years. 

Another section of focus has been on data in the HR world. Often companies complain about their HR teams not being data focused but according to Raj Raghavan, Senior Vice President, Head HR, Indigo employee’s experience works as anecdotes for the business and serves as useful data. He says, “I feel, data is a big part but anecdote is a bigger part.” 

In simple terms every piece of data is crucial but every anecdote has a story to tell. He says that like customer experience is derived from anecdotes, employee data can be derived in a similar manner. If customers can share what they think about the brand than the employee should be free to so as well, leading to anecdotes as a piece of useful data. 

Transformation in the HR sector is not just limited to internal teams but also expands to hiring and firing. Shedding light on this, Gautam Anand, Chief People Officer, Airtel spoke about the current situation in the telecom industry. Looking at the current market situation, companies should be firing employees by 20-25 per cent.  But instead of reducing his sales force, he chooses to transform the HR plan by investing. He says this is the best time to grab the best market employee share at a much cheaper cost.  According to the experts, some companies wait for opportunities like these to increase their workforce, bringing in a new trend of hiring. 

The above speakers were sharing their thoughts at the fifth edition of Tech HR 2018. 


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