Article: 2020 outlook for employee experience: Insights from India’s largest research on employee experience

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2020 outlook for employee experience: Insights from India’s largest research on employee experience

In this exclusive launch of People Matters and SAP SuccessFactors, Mind the gap:2020 outlook for employee experience, benchmark your industry and get the latest insights on to how to create a moment that matters.
2020 outlook for employee experience: Insights from India’s largest research on employee experience

Today’s workforce is experiencing turbulent and uncertain times. A global health crisis has exacerbated an already dynamic and volatile environment for both workers and companies. Unforeseen changes to the workplace, remote work, and heightened pressure to deliver under challenging conditions are just some of the obstacles that enterprises and their employees are facing. 

Business operations today are all about continuity during a crisis or potential crisis. But are organizations ready? Are corporate clients fully prepared to leverage flexible work as a strategic approach to mitigating risk?

(People Matters and SAP SuccessFactors research, Mind the gap: 2020 Outlook for Employee Experience answers all your concerns when it comes to delivering on the promise of a great EX)

Albert Einstein once observed that our most significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which they were created. The global outbreak of COVID-19 presents a significant problem. 

However, amid the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, lies the hidden opportunity for us: Technology. Technology is playing an integral role in determining the success of the new ways of working and is revolutionizing employee experience.

In this new reality, where predicting the future is beyond our reach, leaders need to think differently about their role in creating and maintaining employee experiences. In an attempt to help businesses design employee experience thoughtfully in the times of turbulence, People Matters in partnership with SAP SuccessFactors brings to you the research, “Mind the gap: 2020 Outlook for Employee Experience”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly re-prioritized employee expectations. Today, employees need to have access to digital tools and technologies to get work done, they also need a supportive workplace culture to help them navigate new business realities. Delivering on the promise of great employee experience will be a key differentiator.

Mind the gap: Bridging the employee experience gap, a research by People Matters and SAP SuccessFactors measures the current state of the employee experience in Indian organizations. The survey was conducted across India which captured the responses from 509 unique companies from different industries and employee size.

While conducting this research, we aimed at understanding the three questions:

  • What is the current state of the employee experience in India
  • What are the opportunity areas in different aspects of life cycle to enhance the experience
  • Finally, how to measure the success of your employee experience strategy

Here are some key insights form the report:

1) Importance, Readiness and Gaps

  • Buy-in: 88% of organizations shared that they receive great support from leadership and have their buy-in to take employee experience priorities to business outcomes.


Industry-wise readiness to deliver a great employee experience across employee life-cycle: Banking: 3.72, Professional Services: 3.5, Life Sciences: 3.17, Consumer Products: 3.09, Automobile: 2.87. 

Why is there a gap? 53% of organizations shared that their HR team does not have the requisite skills & capabilities to achieve employee experience priorities. Embracing & Designing  EX: The awareness around embracing a culture of EX is high, however, only 10 % of organizations have a culture that is tuned to implement actions required to achieve employee experience priorities in 2020.

2) Infrastructure, Tech & HR Operations

90% of organizations prioritize employee experience as an important criterion while deciding to invest in HR technology. Technology emerged as a critical means to enhance employee experience.  New communication, data collection, and feedback capabilities are harnessing the power of technology and culture initiatives to position employees as culture builders. Through technology, HR becomes less transactional and more human

Technology is an enabler for scale, consistency & efficiency. A subpar experience can have a ripple effect across the organization, shaping everything from how engaged people are to their enthusiasm for delivering a superior customer experience

Key areas of HR functions to improve EX

  • TA: Throughout the talent acquisition process, the research disclosed that experience offered in the three areas of talent acquisition is very critical: Interview Process, Selection Process, and Assessing the Candidate for Job Fit. 
  • L&D: Appeal to a Multi-generational Audience, Learner Engagement, and Learner Needs Identification are the top opportunity areas for designing a world-class learner experience.
  • Performance Management: Measuring and Tracking Goal Progress, Ratings and KRA Assessments, and Rewards Processes are the key areas that need more focus in improving employee experience in performance management.
  • HR operations: Communication Process, Process Optimization, and Ease of Use of Technology Solutions are the key top opportunity areas of HR Operations that can improve the employee experience.


Benchmark your industry on 2020 priorities for employee experience with People Matters and SAP SuccessFactors, Mind the gap: 2020 Outlook for Employee Experience. Click here to download your exclusive report.


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