Article: Hiring strategies need to be dynamic

Employer Branding

Hiring strategies need to be dynamic

Kris Ganesan, VP HR, TCS

"The Senior Management and HR are strategic partners in the Employer Brand who align the organizational vision and goals with the business and individual goals"


How would you define the rules of attraction, especially at the entry level?

Here are some ground rules:

Employees find those organizations attractive that

1. Value their talent
2. Treat them with respect
3. Give them an opportunity to continuously learn and improve their competency
4. Help them boost their employability

At the entry level we make these clear and this has worked. I can say this from our own experience & track record of being the employer of choice across the top technical & management campuses. We have identified these as key outcomes of our Employer Value Proposition (EVP). And we have a dedicated approach to continuously improving our EVP. Having a strong employee focus & a rich work environment internally are key requisites. Viewing things from potential candidates’ perspective & understanding their needs help identify specific elements that impact them.

What is the formula for attracting talent today and how has this changed over time?

To attract talent, one has to go through the grind of having the right internal practices: Set up a conducive work environment, maintain levers that retain people within organization; build a good brand and have a well oiled hiring engine in place. It is this comprehensive approach that has made TCS an employer of choice in the industry.

While there is no defined formula, hiring strategies in the larger perspective need to be dynamic and closely aligned with the business. For example, we have now enhanced focus on employee referrals as a key channel for lateral hire. The fact that a vast majority of our lateral talent is coming from our employee referrals indicates the trust of existing employees; our associates feel proud to recommend the organization to a new prospect. This also enhances the quality of new hires as we leverage existing relationships with employees to get quality talent on board as well as optimise the hiring cost for the organization.

What is the role of CEO, Senior Management, and HR team in the process of attracting and retaining talent?

The CEO is a visionary who sets the direction and the goals for the organization. He/she also articulates the organizational values, ethics, culture and the organizational ecosystem that supports talent development. The CEO is an important driver of the Employer Brand. The Senior Management and HR are strategic partners in the Employer Brand who align the organizational vision and goals with the business and individual goals. This enhances the Employer Value Proposition and creates a strong organization culture and work environment that helps attract and retain talent.

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